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No mood for ’black pudding’

Sean Feeney

No mood for ‘black pudding’

Mayo GAA Convention 2006

Mike Finnerty

MAYO GAA Secretary Sean Feeney (pictured) was at his colourful best as he fired a shot across the bows of the media in his annual report to the County Convention.
Without actually naming names, Feeney seemed to single out Mid West Radio for special mention. The County Secretary said that the appointment of Mickey Moran and John Morrison was debated “ad nauseam” on local radio and lamented the fact that “we have too much of the downtown black pudding stuff”.
“The prophets were predicting that in 2006 Mayo would win an All-Ireland senior title but it wasn’t to be even though few thought that we would reach one,” wrote Feeney.
“The appointment of Mickey Moran and John Morrison did not meet with universal approval and was debated ad nauseam on local radio. It was again debated ad nauseam when the partnership broke up and the officers of the board shook hands and decided to move on as was in the agreement.
“There is no better county for debating issues on radio and in the press than Mayo but it would be great if there were a little more fact and accuracy and less fiction.
“We have too much of the downtown black pudding stuff and a little more enlightened debate would lift the tone rather than feeding fodder to the vulgar who are always willing to bite.”
The outspoken Secretary went on to say that “Mayo has a lot to do” and was adamant that despite the impressive manner of the All-Ireland semi-final win over Dublin, “there were cracks ready to open wide”.
“To get back to real football the defeat in the All-Ireland Final by Kerry was devastating and, in particular, since it happened within two years against the same opposition,” offered Feeney.
“Perhaps we read too much into the victory over Dublin. Perhaps they too underestimated Mayo. That’s the beauty about sport, no-one can predict with certainty. One thing is certain – Mayo has a lot to do. It’s easy to talk about winning but it’s a matter of making the necessary sacrifices to achieve it…
“The pundits had a field day, describing this game [All-Ireland semi-final] as one of the greatest ever but on mature reflection and analysis there were cracks ready to open wide.”

ELSEWHERE, the Secretary paid tribute to the achievements of the All-Ireland winning Mayo U-21 football team and singled out Pat Holmes, Noel Connelly, Michéal Collins and one John O’Mahony for special mention.
“The scenes in Ennis after the final whistle will be cherished for many a long day. The success of this team proved that with a good management structure, good back-up, and a group of skilful players ready and willing to do battle anything is possible.
“Well done to the management team…I also wish to acknowledge the role John O’Mahony played in the background…It was a pleasure to work with the management team who ran a professional campaign.”

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