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Quickfire questions with Clodagh McManamaon



Quickfire Questions

Name: Clodagh McManamon 
Club: Burrishoole  Age: 29  
Occupation: PE and Biology teacher

Working from home or going into work?
Going into work. I wouldn’t mind if I never had another zoom call!

Best thing about social distancing?
Apart from keeping us safe, nothing, I’m a sociable person!!

Worst thing about social distancing?
Not being able to give friends and family a hug when you feel like it.  

Best thing about wearing a mask?
I think that question should be, ‘What’s the worst thing about wearing a mask?’

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?
Home and Away.

Which three celebrity guests would you like to go for coffee with?
Serena Williams, Melissa McCarthy and Tommy Tiernan.

What’s your most prized possession at the moment?
My SUP board.
First thing you’ll do when things go back to normal?
Go on a holiday where I’m guaranteed some sun!

One old match you’d love to watch back?
The 1951 All-Ireland final!

Player you’d most like to room with?
I’d have to say my sister Ciara, we get on really well and I’d be more relaxed and ready for a game if I was to share with her.

Favourite post-match meal and drink?
Pizza and Coors!!

Favourite song to get ‘up’ for a match?
I don’t really listen to music before games but if I had to choose one it would be ‘From Now On’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Best advice you ever got?
This has been said so many times but I think it’s so true — ‘Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard’.

What do you miss most about sport pre-Covid?
Having a crowd at the games and knowing your family are there in the stand rooting for you.


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