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Quickfire questions with Ciarán Gaughan


Quickfire Questions

Ciarán Gaughan
Club: Moy Villa  Age: 22
Occupation: Lab Technician at Charles River, Ballina

Working from home or just at home?
Just at home but working in town. Finished final year of college so I was kept busy.

Best thing about social distancing?
John Judge Jnr has a built-in excuse for his terrible marking at corners!

Worst thing about social distancing?

It’s usually me that has to go and pick up his man! Not being able to see friends and family is fairly miserable.

Best thing about wearing a mask?
Don’t have to look at Cormac O’Malley’s terrible excuse for a moustache.

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?
Can’t beat a bit of Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Peaky Blinders

Which three celebrity guests would you invite to your Zoom party?
Tough one. I’d have to go for Roy Keane, Tyson Fury and Killala’s Kevin Whyte. He bounces about work like he’s a celebrity anyway!!
What’s your most prized possession at the moment?
My county boxing titles or the Mayo League Two Player of the Year award — was a nice one to get!
First thing you’ll do when things go back to normal?
Holiday for sure. I’d imagine a lot of people’s responses would be the same. It’s been a tough year. Not as tough as the brother Aidan claims to be, but tough nevertheless.
One old match you’d love to watch back?
I was at the game where Celtic beat Barcelona 2-1. Would love to experience that atmosphere again.

Pro’ player you’d most like to room with?

Andy Robertson. Seems like a gas character and came up through the leagues the hard way, would have a good story.

Favourite post-match meal and drink?

I like a good pizza mia after games now, I have to say. Not as much as James Doherty does before games though. Pints after games always go down well.

Favourite song to get ‘up’ for a match?

Run DMC’s ‘It’s like that’ is one that would get the blood flowing. Johnnie Durkan listening to ‘Lady of Knock’ before games though is one to note.
If only the same lady could make him come back and defend as well we’d be flying!

Best advice you ever got?

The aul’ fella once told me, ‘The harder you work in school, the less days ya have to do in the bog’.
And there is nothing I hope to be more true than that!

What do you miss most about sport pre-Covid?
Just being able to have the craic and going on the beer after a game with all the lads. ‘Kooch’ Murphy’s bad singing after half a can was not missed!
Sum up Coronavirus in three words?
Hopefully finishing soon.


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