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Golf ball lands in Kipper’s pocket!


SPOT THE BALL Seán ‘Kipper’ Joyce (left) is pictured with Vincent Rigney after a golf ball landed in ‘Kipper’s’ back pocket at Westport GC last weekend. Pic: Liam Friel

LAST Saturday the Mill Street Masters Golf Society from Westport had their September outing at Castlebar golf club.
The second team out comprised of Liam Friel (11), John Collin (15), Vincent Rigney (20) and Sean Joyce (22), all Westport Golf Club members.
As they reached the 8th green, Sean and Vincent got off the buggy on which they were riding and stood by the green while Liam Friel lined up his putt.
All was normal.
But on the 3rd tee another Golf Society from Brantham and East Bergholt near Ipswich — the Dicky Pub Golf Society — teed off.
Paul Unsworth drove his yellow golf ball and pushed it out to the right. Neither Paul nor his playing partners, John Scoines and Dave Springate knew where the ball went as some large trees obstructed their view.
Amazingly the golf ball flew 200 yards and directly into the back trouser pocket of Sean ‘Kipper’ Joyce.
Sean said he felt something tugging at his pocket and immediately assumed it was his team mate, Rigger, messing. He put his hand back and was bewildered to take a yellow ball from his pocket.
Vincent said: “I saw the ball fly by me and straight into Kipper’s pocket.” By all accounts it was lucky that the ball when into Sean’s right-hand pocket, as it would not have fitted into his left-hand pocket. That pocket was full of racing and football schedules and betting slips.  
Liam Friel, realising the significance of the moment captured the event on camera. Next thing, a gentleman wearing shorts appeared and proceeded to approach the 8th green looking for his ball.
The player - Paul Unsworth — when told of what happened and when shown the picture was full of embarrassment. Chris Wright (another member of the Dicky Pub Golf Society) told Liam later that “Paul is not noted for his accuracy.”
The only other record of a similar event was on 16 September, 2014 when during the Tour Championship by Coca Cola, in Atlanta, Georgia, Rory McIlroy hit a wayward drive from the 14th teeing ground, and his ball bounced off a tree and literally dropped into a spectator’s pocket.
The Mill Street Masters Golf Society was established 25 years ago in Teddy Walshe’s pub on Mill Street. Each year the society play six to eight outings in clubs all over Connacht. As the golf season ends the Societies’ final event is the ‘Master of the Masters’ which is a singles competition to establish the best golfer for that year. The final event is the annual banquet, presentations and selection of the incoming captain.
Paul Unsworth, John Scoines and Dave Springate, and the remaining members in the Dicky Pub Golf Society — Roger Goodchild, Steve Wain, John Keeble, Mike Howard and Peter Drane — played Westport Golf Club on Sunday and per chance met Liam Friel.
“From my discussion with the Dicky golfers it seems like Paul is more noted for distance than accuracy” explained Liam.


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