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Liam Clarke


Chestnut Grove, Westport, Co Mayo

Liam Clarke was a big man in every way. He was very caring, always tried to help, and never let his family and friends down. He was a very decent man, for if he ever saw someone with nothing, he wouldn’t be able to leave without giving them something. When it came to sports, in his youth, Liam was very athletic and loved his football. He played for Westport United. His friends and people who knew him said he was one of the best players that they had ever seen. You would always see him carrying his boots before a match, getting ready to play his next game. He would have played football morning noon and night if he could. The Westport United team were sad to hear of Liam’s death. They formed a guard of honour for him, which would have made him very proud.
When it came to his likes and his loves, Liam had a deep love for music, specifically when it came to Matt Monroe or other artists just like him! He was a great believer of God and the church. He liked to have a drink or two, or have the odd bet on the horse races, and more than anything he absolutely loved to spend time with his family and his friends, for they meant the world to him.      
When Liam was just 14, he moved from Sligo to Westport and was educated in the Christian Brothers School. He went to England at the age of 19 where he studied accountancy. He returned to Westport at 28 and spent several years working in the Westport Textiles before retiring due to ill health. He spent his final years in Brookvale Nursing Home.
Liam Clarke will be sorely missed, most especially by his family, but also his relatives, neighbours, and friends. He was a comical yet mysterious character who would enrich the lives of so many people. May his memory be a blessing.