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Patrick Conway


Fahy, Westport, Co Mayo

Patrick passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at his student accommodation in the University of Limerick. He was born on Saturday, August 3, 2002 at 5.55am in Castlebar, the first child of parents Fiona and Damien.
It was clear from the start of his life that Patrick was curious, interested and eager to learn as much about life and everything around him. Every day was a pleasure to watch him look, learn and embrace life in his own unique way. Even as a toddler, Patrick was gentle, considerate and always happy. He started playschool in St Lucy’s, Newport at three years of age, enjoying every minute of it. Patrick began in Fahy NS at four years old, where he made many good friends and achieved so much. Even at this stage, Patrick was creative, drawing, building and designing – on one occasion sending a car design to Lamborghini in Italy – with a note “Please don’t take this idea” - expecting and receiving a reply. He enjoyed spending hours at home, in the garage and outside – digging and creating things from wood and concrete blocks – some still standing today. He started in Rice College at 12 years of age, where his circle of friends grew and grew. Patrick loved learning new things and enjoyed the challenges of new subjects. In his first year he was awarded ‘Student of the Year’. He enjoyed a skiing trip in Italy in second year. In Transition Year Patrick thrived on the fun and excitement of tours and trips away, with many tales of jokes and laughter being shared at home. Although 2020 was a different year for Leaving Cert, Patrick excelled and was able to choose his next step in life – to study Engineering in the University of Limerick.
Patrick has three siblings: Siobhan, Liam and Louise, whom he loved, treasured and guided in so many ways. This could be playing, farming, helping with homework, giving advice or anything that life would bring. He truly is their fantastic big brother, role model and hero.
Patrick’s goodness and helpful ways didn’t stop at home. He always loved to visit his Nana, and also his Nanny and Grandad, enjoying visits, chats, jobs to do, as well as being spoilt with their home cooking and baking! Farming was a massive part of Patrick’s life. He loved the outdoors. Learning from his Grandad how to drive the tractor, heading out the fields on the quad with a couple of sheep (or children) in the trailer, going to the bog, lambing time, Patrick embraced it all. He enjoyed the company of his aunts, uncles, cousins and his God-daughter – often planning trips and adventures to be with them.    
As well as wanting to learn and experience life, Patrick was keen to explore opportunities. At the age of nine, ‘hENJOY’ was formed – a poultry business set up by Patrick and Siobhán, looking after their hens and selling eggs locally. This continued for many years until new work commitments began. Patrick started in Chambers Garden Centre, Newport, on Saturdays, appreciating the physical work and meeting so many people. He then moved to Supervalu, Westport, where he loved the variety of work and constant interaction with customers. His outgoing personality shone through, leading to a job offer in the Wyatt Hotel, where he proved to be very popular with staff and a favourite with customers.
Patrick loved everything about life – family, friends, farming, learning, working, socialising, school and sport - enjoying swimming, cycling, running, the gym, football training and playing matches. A true Mayo fan, he enjoyed trips to McHale and Croke Park, especially on Final days. He was loving college where in such a short time, he made great friends and, as always, made a massive impact on those around him. Although his nickname changed from ‘Wan’ in Westport to ‘Pa’ in Limerick, his friends say his morals, values and personality stayed true. He was loyal, kind, fun loving, easy going, a true friend, always planning a new adventure – whether it was Dublin or Diamond Hill – Salt Hill or skiing. There always was something on the horizon to look forward to. Patrick had enjoyed many family holidays, staying in different parts of Ireland, England and trips abroad, always excited to be heading off together. Even through lockdowns and restrictions, Patrick was not phased by them, finding ways to savour life, be optimistic and positive. He showed this by completing his driving lessons and passing his driving test just one week before his sudden passing. He was planning to buy a car, looking forward to bringing his family, grandparents and friends on spins.
Patrick’s natural ability to connect and communicate with anybody, no matter what age, was noticed by all. This is reflected in the amount of messages, cards and letters we have received from so many – telling us how Patrick had made an impact on them. This may have been from his positive attitude, his respect, his helpfulness, his conversation, his willingness to help, the time he gave people or his generosity of spirit. In so many ways, he shared his goodness. We, his family, always knew and witnessed this. Patrick had a heart of gold and a kind, good nature. His smile would warm you on the coldest of days and brighten the darkest of times. We always admired his sense of humour, quick thinking and wit……even when he caught us out! Patrick’s self discipline and independence were admirable, from training in the gym, cooking/enjoying wholesome food to his approach to life. He was courageous, wise, genuine – never trying to be anyone but himself. This is how he always was.
Although Patrick was only 18, he lived a full and productive life. Days were full, balanced and happy. He showed us that life is about the quality of time, not the quantity. He really was such an inspiration to so many. We pray that Patrick is happy in Heaven, rewarded for all his goodness, kindness and generosity. Patrick is loved, missed and cherished. We look forward to being together again. May Patrick rest in peace. Amen.

The One We All Look Up To  

To say we find it hard to comprehend is true,
You really are our blue-eyed boy too.
Our lives have suddenly become so still,
It’s tough, we are all going through the mill.
We watch and wait for your adoring smile,
But unfortunately, we know we won’t see it for a while.

Let me tell you about Patrick;
Not a man short of words,
He charmed us all, even the girls.
Honest, intelligent, positive and sincere,
We feel your warmth, even now you’re not here.

An amazing son, brother, grandson, godfather, nephew, cousin and friend,
Family to the forefront and this will never end.
To be caring, considerate and lend a hand to all,
Simply being in your presence made us feel 10 foot tall.

You were the Ronaldo in our lives,
Head of the chicken coup, it was no surprise,
hENJOY was written on each box,
Never an incident with the fox!

You may be 6 foot 2,
But you’ll always be Mum and Dad’s boy.
In Patrick’s words ‘I’m blessed with great parents’,
My brother Liam, my sisters Siobhán and Louise,
I’ll always look down from Heaven,
You’ll feel my hand squeeze.

When the sun sets in Westport,
And darkness descends,
Just remember my smile,
And I hope your pain ends.

Oh our gentle Patrick,
How could one ask for a better brother and son,
Giving everything and asking for none.
Go dtuga Dia suaimhneas síoraí dá anam 

Written by Rónán Conway, Patrick’s Uncle and friend.