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Kay Curry


James Street, Westport, formerly of Birr, Co Offaly

Kay Curry of James Street, Westport, passed away, peacefully at home on January 15, 2021. Her big heart, her beautiful smile and warm hugs brightened the lives of all those lucky enough to have met her along her journey.
Kay was the beloved wife of the late Martin Curry, former Mayo News Editor. She was a devoted Mother to her son David, her daughters, Karina, Sharon, Clodagh, Orla and Martine, and affectionately known as ‘Nana Kay’ to her ten adoring grandchildren.
Kay was a native of Birr, Co Offaly; a place she always spoke of with such pride. While Westport became her home, she never lost her love or connection with her family and friends in Birr. She was always delighted to meet anyone with any connection to her home County.
Kay had a passion for baking from a young age and it became her chosen career. A job opportunity in a local bakery is what first brought her West, thus beginning the start of a true love story. Upon her arrival in Westport, Kay’s stunning beauty caught the eye of many an admirer. Among those, a handsome young local reporter; her Mairt.  The first time he laid eyes on her across the Octagon, he was so captured by her beauty that he declared ; “I’m going to marry that girl”. Nearly 50 years later, Mairt reminisced to their children and grandchildren on how he could still remember every detail of the outfit she wore on that first sighting. Shortly after their engagement, and before their subsequent marriage in April 1968, the ideal property came on the market on James Street, which would allow them to fulfil their lifelong dream of combining a family home with a home bakery. After many years, and several obstacles, they went on to achieve this dream. The successful opening of ‘Curry’s Cottage, Home Bakery and Tea Room’ was one of their proudest moments.
From the early days of the original small shop to the front of their home, to the current shop and tea room; Curry’s Cottage quickly became much more than a place for tea and scones. It was and continues to be a local institution. People came for the warmth, the friendliness and the love which radiated from both Kay and Martin. This love was extended to locals and visitors alike. You were always guaranteed to be met with Kay’s infectious smile and open arms. Alongside her was Martin, a true Covey, and as described on his passing “ love and kindness personified”. Martin was often to be found having lengthy chats in the cosy tea room, be it giving the local history or the latest ‘craic’ of the town.
The only thing that rivalled Kay’s love of baking and family was her passion for music and dance of all varieties.
Kay was a very valued member of The Strawboys, The Westel dancers and CCE Westport for many years. She performed over the decades in cabarets, concerts and weddings. Her small kitchen was the scene of many group dance rehearsals over the years. She was a gifted set dancer and the highlight of her week, was spending Tuesday nights in Derradda, where she danced the night away and made lifelong friends in doing so. She especially loved indulging in the tea and cakes provided, before being one of the first back up on the dancefloor.
Mum was never happier than when surrounded by her husband, her children and her grandchildren. Family was of huge importance to her and she felt beyond grateful for the love of all her family; especially in her recent years of ill health. She would often say, “I don’t know how I got so lucky. The way you all look after me”. She truly felt blessed, but as we always reminded her, we were the lucky ones. While she never missed a chance to tell everyone how immensely proud she was of all of us, we would like to take this opportunity to express how proud we are of her. We are so thankful that we got to tell her this time and time again. She was the most loving, patient, generous and gorgeous Mother. More than we could have ever wished for; and for that, we are forever grateful. The light of Mum’s love continues to smile down on us and comfort us through these dark days.
Kay is deeply mourned by her loving family, her brother Aidan, her sisters Margaret and Lee, her sons-in-law, Kevin and Joe, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, relatives, neighbours and many friends.