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Ann Davis (née O’Donovan)


Westport and Cork

Ann’s Eulogy which was read by her son Anthony at her service

For Mum;
Ann, Aìne, Annie, Mam, Mum, Nanny and Granny, she was known to us by all these names.
A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend and a source of support and comfort to us all. Ann was all of these things and much much more…
I won’t go on for long or lament old stories, she would hate that and give out to me for doing so!
But I will talk about something that was hugely important to her in the past few weeks and months. I want to talk about family, about love and appreciating each other and normal life.
In the words of one of her grandchildren, who said; “As sad as it is what is happening to Nanny, isn’t it amazing how much time we have all spent together as a family?”
And that echo’s Mams own words. Only a few months ago when she first fell ill, she held my hand and said “Why? Why do people wait until someone passes away before they come together to talk about moments and memories shared together?” So, we listened and rallied, and we all came together. Families and relations who had not been together in years. We were there with her and for each other, and we showed her how much she was loved.
And my God, how loved she was and how loved she felt.
After every visit, every long trip and effort made to spend time with her, it touched her heart. An hour here or there, a smile or joke or memory shared…a political debate even! She knew that each person cared and wanted to spend time with her.
She held my hand some time ago and said “Anthony, make sure you have no regrets. I have none”, she said. “How lucky am I, to have everyone around me in my own home, calling to see me, showing me that they are here for me. I must have done something right! We have a great family she said, sure we row or give out, but we are always here for each other.
We had very little when ye were growing up, we had nothing…. but we actually had everything because…. we had each other.”
One last thing I will say that she spoke of often in the past few weeks, is appreciating the normal everyday life.
“Oh, what I would give for one last normal day” she said. And I leaned in and said “What Mam? Tell me?”
And she said…. “First, I’d get up and not be so cranky!! Then I’d appreciate a coffee and planning a dinner that I could actually eat!! A chat with the butcher, a spin to nowhere special, reading the paper, enjoying a glass of wine and a laugh with your Dad.
Please do not ever forget to appreciate the normal everyday life” she said.
So, I would like to finish off by thanking you all, for all you have given her and us in the past few weeks and months.
Finally, Dad, especially to you, you were her other half, that made her whole…..
A love that was truly special and long-lasting, holding hands on your daily spin, your strong arms were always there to support her.
You lifted her up when none of us could, you made her feel safe and secure.
You gave her the path to her own happiness.
Thank you all.