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Kathleen Mulloy


Ahsleam and London

Our/my auntie Kathleen was born in Ashleam, Achill on November 4, 1935. The third child of Bridget and Anthony Mulloy. She had two older brothers Mickie and John, my father, both wonderful men, sadly deceased. Twins Lorretta and Tony followed four years later, they all, as did their contemporaries, enjoyed a wonderful childhood.
The African Proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” was so appropriate, as every household shared what they had, and looked out for each other.
Talking to Kathleen in the past and others of her generation, they never complained of hard times. They were to a great extent, self sufficient, her father Anthony had to work in England and came home to make hay and cut turf and of course, to bring clothes and money for his family.
When Kathleen was 18, she travelled with friends to the North of England then moving to Birmingham and then to London to work as a “Clippie” a term for a bus conductress. The job involved hard work with long hours and early starts. The example of her mother’s generation prepared her well, with a strong work ethic.
In 1977 she met Peter, he started as a temporary bus driver for her and they became a permanent team in life as well as on the buses.
In 1982 Kathleen moved to a new flat in Westbourne Park, I cannot begin to tell you the amount of people she extended her hospitality to in her home.
Throughout Kathleen’s life she worked with the disabled on a voluntary basis, escorting people to Lourdes. Annually fundraising and borrowing big red London Buses to take disadvantaged children on fun days out to the seaside. Throughout all this time Kathleen’s relationship with Peter flourished, they enjoyed road trips around the UK and Scotland and visited Ireland frequently.
They built a house on the site of the old family home. Unfortunately, they never really got to spend much time in it, as ill health prevented them in recent years.
I would like to mention Kathleen’s friendships that she treasured – many lasting her lifetime. I could say a lot more about auntie Kathleen’s honesty, integrity and occasional stubbornness! (those who knew her well will smile at that!).
I will finish now.
Kathleen you lived a good life, you loved and were very loved in return. Rest in peace with your beloved Peter. We miss you, Mandy and Kathleen’s extended family.