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Jim (James) Moran


Derrygorman, Westport

Born in 1939 in Drumindoo, the youngest of 10, to Edward Moran and Margaret Moran (née Flynn, Clare Island). The bond between siblings was very strong, following the death of their mother, when Jim was just a baby. He held warm memories of childhood, growing up on the family farm, where his fondness for horses and animals began. He had many tales to tell of visiting neighbours and card games and had a sociable nature throughout his life.
In these recent times with the cocooning rule he greatly missed his trips to Corrib Oil, his lunches in the Castlecourt Hotel, gatherings such as cards games and spending time with extended family. Jim spent many years working in London, learning his trade as a carpenter working alongside his brother. Friendships made in these days were maintained throughout his life. He had a love for dancing and at the age of 24, he met Ann, and later settled in Luton with siblings close by. Here they started a family, with the dream of soon returning home. In 1982, Jim, Ann and their four girls moved to Westport and settled in Derrygorman. Jim bought and ran the Spinning Wheel Pub on Castlebar Street, which became a regular meeting place for neighbours, with music nights, card games and darts. With the challenging economy of the late 1980’s, Jim returned to London to his career in Carpentry, living near to sisters and returning home to his family in Westport regularly. Jim finally retired in Westport, but always had a project on hand. In his later years he enjoyed a visit to Australia where he reunited with friends from his old days and spent time with family, he travelled to family in Chicago and relished the times when family reunions were held in Westport.
His many nieces and nephews have warm-hearted memories of their young-hearted Uncle.
He is fondly remembered as a kind and true gentleman by his friends, family and neighbours.
He is survived by Ann and his daughters Joanna, Fiona, Tricia, and Helen, his granddaughter Hannah, son-in-law Declan Moran, Sisters Maureen Clarke (Westport) and Noreen Boyle (New Zealand), nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews and many more relatives and friends locally and Globally.

When it’s time
When time for dying comes,
I’d like to die in the daytime and outside,
So I can feel the sun upon my skin,
And let its warmth seep in,
Re-kindle me as it has done
through all my life.
I’d like to focus on the beauty,
Of a butterfly, the fragrance of a rose,
And think of everything and all of those,
I’ve loved and pour some wine,
And raise my glass up to the light,
Salute the sun and know,
My onward journey has begun.
- Christopher Georgiou, 2013 (Cousin)

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