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Breege Syron


Castlehill Park, Castlebar and formerly of Cloughbrack, Bofeenaun, Ballina

Reflection delivered at Breege’s Funeral Mass in St Mary’s Church Bofeenaun on Friday, February 14, 2020.
Breege was born at home in Cloughbrack on New Year’s Eve 1960- she was the fourth child of Bridget and Dominick Syron.
She attended local primary school in Cloughbrack and often found school to be challenging however she always looked forward to getting out to the school yard for a game of football at lunchtime.
Breege began work in Baxter in Castlebar in 1978 soon after leaving secondary school and remained an employee there up to the present day. She is particularly remembered by her Colleagues for her witty comments and her big hearty laugh and loving a bit of fun or jizz as she’d call it. She was a great timekeeper, some years she even had perfect attendance.
Breege had an amazing love  and was very knowledgeable of all sports. She regularly attended local games at the football pitch here in Bofeenaun - she was also a great Mayo supporter.  As she lived through the early 1970s when Fr Gerry Gillespie and Peryl Coyne brought the Lahardane McHale Ladies Gaelic Football Team to a new level – Breege was at the centre of the action.  In 1976, Breege went on to win an All-Ireland Medal with Mayo Under 16 Ladies Team when they beat Kerry. She loved to bet occasionally and said recently Paddy Power must be missing her. She loved the simple things in life – the outdoor life with her favourite pets been Niall’s dog Bell and Bernadette’s dog that Breege herself christened Molly from Louisburgh!
By her early teenage years, Breege began to show signs of anxiety and depression – a condition that was to remain part of her life from then on. She could come across as shy and anxious however behind it all she was a very courageous and resilient person. She demonstrated this every day in her life by facing her condition head on and attended any service that would help her get through her life including Counselling. I know if she had her voice today, she would be encouraging us all to get help and not to be carrying it as she’d describe it herself.
Thankfully as she went through her final months and weeks of life that strength remained with her…she never once complained and was always grateful for even the smallest offer of help and support given to her. She was aware she was dying and spoke openly about it. That really helped us her family to clear the air and have an opportunity to thank her for her support and contributions to our lives and likewise she thanked us for our support. May she Rest in Peace.