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Frank Murphy


Cahir, Louisburgh and Westport

Those of us lucky enough to know Frank Murphy will know that he was a kind and peaceful soul. He only wished for happiness and good fortune for those around him, and never bore ill will towards anyone.
As the eldest of six siblings, he always did his best to watch over us and look out for us as best he could. When his younger brother Paddy Joe started school shy of four years of age, Frank eased his fears by saying “Don’t worry, I’ll prompt you.” And indeed he extended this same compassionate and caring nature to everyone in his life.
Frank was a man of great faith and a great believer in Our Lady, the true symbol of compassion in theology. He not only studied theology, but he tried to emulate the saints that he studied in his own life. While many may have faith, it is not everyone who acts out this faith in the world.
He was a life-long lover of learning and education, and completed several theses during this lifetime, the last one he handed in this past June. It’s an achievement that his family remain very proud of. His loved ones describe him as a walking encyclopaedia and the man to go to for any queries on literature, poetry and everything in between. You were never in need of a dictionary if Frank Murphy was around!
Frank was a creative spirit, who created countless poems, paintings and artworks, one of which is here today. He appreciated nature and it often appeared in his poetry and art. We would like to celebrate the fact that he shared his creative gifts with the world.
 Life was not without its suffering for Frank, but despite the challenges he faced, he allowed his passion for knowledge to overcome any burden. He was not only well liked by his fellow students, but acted as an example and gave them courage to persevere with their studies. Perhaps we can all draw some inspiration from this here today. There is a believe that to lead a meaningful life one must do as Christ did, pick up the cross you must bear and continue uphill - Frank is an example of someone who did just that.
He was a proud member of the Legion of Mary, on which he completed his last thesis. We would like to express our gratitude today to this organisation, for giving Frank a chance to connect with his community. He also enjoyed being a member of the Pioneer Association, and would recommend anyone that wants to lead a temperate life to join.
He was a member of the Cairde Club in Castlebar, whom we would also like to thank for encouraging him along his life’s path. Those of us close to Frank will know that thanks to groups such as these, he often had a busier social calendar than his nieces and nephews.
Frank was a native of Caher Louisburgh, but his family would like to express sincere gratitude to the people of Westport, especially his circle of friends, for making Westport a home where he could enjoy his life.
Thank you to everyone who joined us today to celebrate Frank’s life, to those who helped care for him during his recent illness and to those who had a positive impact on his time here on Earth. I believe ​we are all better people for having known him.