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Nora Leahy (née Browne)


Fahy, Westport

Nora passed away peacefully at home on May 12, 2019. Nora was the youngest of nine children in the family home of Annie and Mike Browne.  She was born in Fahy on a Sunday and was christened the same day in the local church.  
Noras childhood was very happy living on the farm and she often reminisced about the memories of growing up in such a special home.  It was from an early age she learned the value of helping family, neighbours and others.  Often she would be called on to help with neighbours, young children and her baking was constantly in demand. Life growing up in Fahy was busy but time was always found for visits to relations on a Sunday or for them to call, where the music playing and dancing was always remembered.  
She loved cycling, whether locally or on trips to Knock.  Nora worked for a period in Newport and then moved to Manchester, England where she adapted and settled very well at work and in the parish community where she made many friends.  Nora always missed home and came back as often as possible, never forgetting her roots and home life and was always willing to help in so many ways.
Nora met her husband Patrick in Manchester and enjoyed a very happily married life.  Together they had seven children who appreciate the dedication and commitment of their parents.  Life was busy but room was always made for others – for friends and family to visit where a warm welcome was always given and which Nora enjoyed as much as anyone else.  Nora was a great homemaker, sewing, knitting, cooking and baking -  always prepared to feed anyone who called which was often!  Along with family, her faith was paramount.  She always found time to help in church and the parish, in schools and was an active member of the Castlebar/Mayo Association which brought lots of good times.
After many busy years the happy decision was made to move back and retire in Fahy but unfortunately this time was cut short with the passing of her husband, Patrick, after only a few months.  This was a very difficult time for Nora but true to her nature and faith she was able to find strength and settle back in her home area.  Again, life was busy with family and friends visiting, staying and organising their next stay before they even left! In later years Nora was always very active and involved with life.  She enjoyed the company of her growing family, keeping up to date with news, cooking, baking, doing puzzles – whilst Midwest Radio was on in the background playing the old time greats.  Even though she didn’t drive, Nora was a great passenger and would love to go for “spins” that could last for hours and hours and lead anywhere!  Nora never lost her zest for life.  This was reflected in how her grandchildren and great-grandchildren loved the fun and great times they shared.  Nora was non-judgemental, she always led by example and shared her deep faith and wisdom. She will be sadly and deeply missed by those who were blessed to know her, especially her family.  
May she rest in peace.