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Joe Joe Moran


Springfield Drive, The Quay, Westport, Co Mayo

Joe Joe was born in Car na Lurgan, and matured very early in life, when as the oldest son in a family of nine, he became the man of the house at 23 following the passing of his father. That happened in the midst of a busy working life that he loved, driving lorries across the country and on occasion, across the continent. He took great pride in his work and in his trucks which were always immaculately kept. It was also at this time that he met his wife, Marie whom he would be married to for over 45 years. Joe Joe enjoyed the simple things in life; a good cup of tea with no less than three spoons of sugar, a tin of Quality sweets, country music and his car. He was a great neighbour and would do anything for those around him. He was a great friend and he had great friends; be it his weekly card game on a Sunday evening, a spot of weekend salmon fishing or passing on his talents and wisdom to others. He was also a proud pioneer all of his life. He had two special soft spots in him. One was reserved for his dogs. Greyhounds, terriers, spaniels and Jack Russells; he had them all and he spoiled them all. Some say he was more likely to get out of bed in the middle of the night for a crying dog than for a crying child! The dogs in the house were better fed and watered than himself, and what’s more is the dogs loved him back. They idolised him and in a room of a hundred people, they’d have found him! His other soft spot was reserved for his family; his life changed when his grandchildren were born. A never before seen side of him was revealed and he became a true role model to those around him. His personality shone through and he became the great man we came to know, love and will now dearly miss. Joe Joe lived a full, happy and loving life, because, he always put what really mattered most, first. In the best of times and the worst of times, in his happiest days and in his saddest days, no matter what the day, the time or the circumstance, everything could and would be dropped in an instant because friends and family always came first. He loved his wife more than any words could ever express and he lived for his kids and grandkids. Joe Joe was predeceased by his wife Marie and son Joe. He is survived by his sons Mark and Peter, his daughter Keveen and is sadly missed by his brothers, sisters, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, relatives, neighbours and friends. May his gentle soul rest in peace