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Adam Mulchrone


Sandyhill, Westport

Adam was a playful child, never sitting still. His love for soccer really shone through during his early years. He knew every player, on every team you could imagine. His favourite thing to do was to play soccer and the PlayStation. He had such a cheeky smile and was always laughing and joking.
The years went by and soon he was in secondary school, in Rice college Westport. Here his intelligence and dedication bloomed. He had a passion for English and books and was always reading. He also made new life long friends here and made so many amazing memories.
It was soon time to start thinking about colleges and careers. Adam at first wasn’t sure which path suited him best. He tried computer engineering in GMIT in Galway, having an interest in computers. He built his own computer from scratch. But it turned out that course wasn’t for him.
September 2018, he found himself in IT Sligo studying human nutrition. Here he found what he was looking for. He was thriving in Sligo and loved the course. He made so many new friends and made so many happy memories. Also playing for the IT Sligo soccer team had him elated. He couldn’t be happier.
Adam’s passion in life was soccer. He lived everyday just to get outside and kick a ball. He knew this from the get-go. He was always trying to improve his technique and skills. He made his way up the ladder to finally find himself on the Westport United A-team. He proved his worth so many times, scoring so many goals and even a hattrick. However, he remained humble. The signed ball he used to score the hattrick, took pride of place in his bedroom. Adam’s legacy will forever be his pure talent and dedication to soccer.
Adam always kept himself busy. When not in college and training with the IT Sligo soccer team, he was home in Westport working in the Castlecourt Hotel and training with Westport United. His weekends were always full; training Friday, working Saturday and matches on Sunday. However, Adam always made time for the ones he loved.
Adam was the happiest he had ever been. He found his calling in IT Sligo and everything was falling into place. Mum and Dad were always there for Adam, as was Adam for them. Mum was always there to offer the emotional support and wise words Adam needed to hear. She always had his back and would do everything in her power to ensure he was happy. I never saw a stronger bond than I did between the two of them.
I would often find Adam and Dad in the sitting room, cup of tea in hand, chatting about soccer or gaelic or a hundred different other topics that they loved talking about. I think Adam received a lot of his intellect and love of knowledge and learning from Dad. He could not have been prouder of him.
Colin, Adam’s older brother, was always there to have a chat and a laugh with Adam. They had a strong bond and numerous happy memories. One of which was Adam bringing home a bag of chips for Colin, after a night out, who had waited awake to ensure Adam got home safely. And just to hear all the gossip!
As for myself, Adam was a great big brother and my best friend. I am so proud you were my brother. We had the time of our lives in Sligo and I’ll never forget it. Love you forever.
Your sister, Amy x

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