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Daniel Kennedy


Carrabawn, Westport and Vancouver, Canada

The death took place suddenly on December 21, 2018 of Daniel Kennedy, late of Carrabawn Westport and Vancouver, Canada. Daniel was just 33 years of age.
Daniel is dearly loved and sorely missed by his parents Garry and Sally; his wife Joanne; sisters Zita, Tara, Sarah Jane and Anna; brothers Christopher and Robert; aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, extended family and close friends in both Ireland and Canada.
Daniel was born on January 4, 1985, in Mayo General Hospital Castlebar, with eyes as blue as the ocean, and hair as blonde as the sun, he was most definitely a Kennedy. The son of his proud parents Garry and Sally Kennedy. He attended the Christian brothers NS and Sancta Maria College until 2001.
Daniel was always career driven and from a young age he knew, that with a bit of drive and talent, he could move mountains.
He left school after his junior cert with a strong desire to learn more about the trade he was so fascinated with, he put his focus and energy into building a career for himself in construction.
Daniel’s ambition in life was the first step to his success and he showed that at a very young age. Over the years he took the second step to success and put it all into action.
Daniel had many passions, from the peace and tranquility fishing brought to his life, to the freedom and sheer adrenaline that lit up his soul from venturing out into the open road on his motorbikes, his hobbies always kept the little boy in him alive.
Daniels heart could always be judged by his treatment of animals, he was a true animal lover, a special breed of human and in sharing that love he found his soul mate Joanne.
Daniel met the love of his life in 2006 they married in 2008 in St Mary’s Church, Westport.
Sometimes you meet someone and its clear that the two of you belong together. As lovers, as friends, as family, you just belong. They inspired each other throughout their time together. Knowing each others aspirations in life, they decided to make the big move to Canada, where in time Apex Siteworks was born.
Daniel and Joanne loved every moment spent with each other and their dogs Jodie, Gus, Lily and Poppy. Their family life was their sacred, safe and happy place and eventhough they were thousands of miles away from home, they always felt at home with each other, and they cherished that dearly. Loving each other so deeply gave them the strength and courage needed to take on all that life may have throw at them, they took their chances and it changed their lives. Nobody said it would be easy, but they knew that, they never took each other for granted.
Daniel was well respected in the construction industry, he was the proud owner of Apex Siteworks Ltd, he specialised in demolition, excavation and civil works and he supplied complete services throughout British Columbia. Even still, many believe that Daniel hadn’t yet reached his full potential.
Daniel believed in treating his employees with the utmost respect and he did, he made them feel appreciated and like they came first.
Since Daniel’s passing, we have had employees, past employees, friends and acquaintances tell us stories about Daniel’s good deeds, from helping people with their rent, to giving them a bed in his own home. He always lent a helping hand, to his big involvement in fundraising and raising funds for ‘Cops with Cancer’ and The North Shore Mountain Rescue, it was always important to give back, and he always did it with intention, without looking for appraise, and that is a noble deed.
To Daniel, family wasn’t an important thing - it was everything. He truly felt that the love of his family was the greatest blessing in life. Every occasion, every milestone, in his family’s life, he was the first to say congratulations or well done, he made the distance feel so little because he loved so greatly.
Given the recent passing of his grandfather, Daniel wanted to travel home for Christmas this year, he loved the idea of everyone been together for Christmas again and helping each other, through the harsh reality that his grandfather was no longer there. His family couldn’t believe it, the excitement can’t even be explained, Daniel was coming home for Christmas! It almost felt too good to be true. Daniel always found it extremely hard to say goodbye to his family so we know he feels a comfort in knowing he is with us for keeps at home Ireland.
It was a bitter parting, too bitter to forget, for those who loved you dearly are the ones who can’t forget. We often sit and think of you and think of how you died, to think you could not say goodbye, before you closed your eyes.
Your life was one of kindly deeds, a helping hand for other needs.
Sincere and true in heart and mind, beautiful memories left behind.
Two tired eyes are sleeping, two willing hands are still
The one who worked so hard for us is resting in Gods will.
We cannot bring the old days back, when we were together
The family chain is broken now, but memories live forever.
As a family we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their endless support, compassion and understanding during this trying time.