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Peadar Murray


Rosclave, Newport

The death has taken place of Peadar Murray of Rosclave, Newport, a proud Republican from the tips off his toes to the hair on his head.
Peadar was also a proud Mayo man and was a veteran of many campaigns serving the Republican movement along the border during the border campaign and again at the outset of the war in 1969 and beyond. Peadar was a former political prisoner and was husband to Margaret, a fine Republican herself and father to Pearse, Sally, Emmett and Peter.
A wonderful man and a wonderful patriot, his memory and all that he passed down will live on for many generations, through that of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Peadar was also widely known for his dancing, his earlier boxing career and his iconic hat and pipe attire.
You could say that Peadar danced his way through life, he always found of a little jig. If he was just taking the milk out of the fridge, he danced his way over and danced his way back. He was a fine set dancer and loved to get together with his set dancing group, it brought him so much happiness. It would always warm our hearts and bring us so much joy watching Peadar dance.
Peadar had a real passion for the sport of boxing, he boxed in his earlier years he got a lot of joy out of not only watching professional boxing but been a supporter to the local boxers also.
From picking winkles to herding cattle, everyone enjoyed a visit down to Peadar and Margarets, they welcomed you with open arms and over the years took many friends and strangers in when they needed a helping hand. They not only opened their doors but they opened their hearts. They created joy for others, they brought hope to the lost and love to the lonely. For them there was nothing greater than to do something for others.
Peadar was a popular character in the community, he had the true beauty of a wise soul, he survived many obstacles in life which thought him great lessons and gave him great strength. He was a loyal friend, a real Mayo GAA fan, the kind who had the passion in their blood, every game, every season, every coach, every different player. Winning or losing he cheered Mayo. He was someone so special and will not be forgotten. He will be fondly remembered through the ages. May he rest in peace.
He believed that family is not an important thing but that it is everything and this along with his character and Charisma made us proud to be able to call him our Dad
He was the man who picked us up when we were down, the man who taught us the value of a loving family and hard work, the man who inspired us to be the best versions of ourselves.
He was a Grandad who had many stories and even got a good few pages in with his great grandchildren, but unlike a book Peadar’s stories won’t end because his memory will live on in all of us and we will continue to tell those stories until the end of time because Peadar, you were some man and our favourite story book.