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Where in the world?

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Where in the world?

Ciara Galvin and Anton McNulty caught up with Mayo fans who will be watching the action from foreign shores

Rachel Cawley, 23,
Ballinrobe/Al Ain, UAE

“I’ll be watching the match at the Danat Hotel in Al Ain. We’ll be working Sunday but because of the time difference we’ll get to watch it after school. Myself, Olive Daly from Castlebar, and about eight other Mayo fans will be decked out in the green and red. You feel so proud watching the games, but also that little bit disappointed that you’re not at home for it.”

Rachel Jennings, 20,
Ballinrobe/Lyon, France

“I’ll definitely be watching the match in an Irish pub in Vieux Lyon, where I’m doing my Erasmus. I’m not sure which one I’ll be in yet, there’s loads of Irish pubs here.
I’ve my jersey packed and I’ve found one other Mayo person so far, he’s from Ballina so I’ll be watching it with him. I don’t think the atmosphere will be as good as Croke Park, but I’ve never watched a football match abroad before so I’m looking forward to it.”

Aoife Heneghan,
Kilmaine/New York, USA

“I can’t wait for Sunday, I’m watching it in one of the local bars in Queens here with my Dad and sister Trisha who are visiting and my brother Declan who also lives over here. I watch all the games. With there being only a few bars in every neighborhood that show the games, they’re all pretty crowded when it comes to All-Ireland Sunday. Everyone and anyone tends to make a day of it. We have the jerseys all set and the Mayo flag is hanging from the balcony of the apartment already because we live in an Irish neighborhood. The lead up to the game is nothing compared to at home, it’s not until the game is on that it properly sinks in so that’s the main thing I’ll be missing this time around.”
Aoife is pictured with her niece Zoe.

Marie Varley, 22,
Kilmaine/Edinburgh, Scotland

“I’ll be watching the game in Malone’s Irish Bar in Edinburgh. For the semi-final Mayo fans completely outnumbered the Dubs so I presume they’ll all be back to Malones to cheer on the lads. I’ll go with some of my friends from Kilkenny and Dublin. I don’t own a Mayo jersey but I’m sure for the day that’s in it I can fashion together something in the green and red. It’s really amazing to watch a Mayo match abroad. I didn’t realise just how many people from Mayo there are in Edinburgh until the semi -final. They all seemed to come crawling out of the woodwork in their county colours. It’s really nice to feel part of the buzz that happens around All-Irelands even though I’m in another country.”

Seamus Clancy,
The Neale/Canada

“I’ll be watching the match in Durty Nelly’s pub, Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve just moved here so I’m not sure whether there will be many Mayo fans, but hopefully I’ll convert a few by the end of the match. There’s a GAAA football team here so there will definitely be a crowd of Irish people watching it. I brought my Mayo jersey over so I’ll be throwing it on in support of the lads.
I watched the All-Ireland in Seoul, Korea, last year and the atmosphere was amazing. I find that most Irish people abroad get more involved in matches no matter who’s playing. I think the atmosphere, no matter where you are, will be amazing.”

Tommy McNamara, 41,
Achill/Southern California, USA

“I grew up in Saula on Achill and lived in Dublin for a number of years before coming over here in 1998, so I was delighted to watch us beat the Dubs. Laguna Niguel where I now live with my wife Kelly and children Eoin and Maeve is exactly halfway between LA and San Diego. It’s very different to where we used to live in Chicago as there are not many Irish here at all. There were thousands in Chicago and loads from Mayo. We’ve been mainly keeping up with the building excitement on Facebook and the online Mayo News. There is a big Irish community in San Diego, so we’ll be heading down there to The Field Bar for the final and we can’t wait. There is something different about this year’s team and we’re all hopeful this will be our year. Finally, a big hello to granny and granddad in Saula from Eoin and Maeve. Up Mayo!”

Darragh Gallagher, 27,
Achill/Port Hedland, Australia

“I’m working in Port Hedland, a small mining town in North Western Australia. With Perth, the closest city, an 18 hour drive away, I will be trying to secure a decent internet connection and watching it on a laptop on Setanta online. The throw-in here will be at 10.30pm on Sunday night. There are roughly 30 Irish guys working along with me, but unfortunately only one fellow Mayo man, Martin Lyons from Claremorris, but we haven’t let that stop us from reminding them who is in the final. There is not much green and red around the place but luckily I was thinking ahead and packed my Mayo jersey, socks and shorts! They have a great chance and I reckon they will do it. Maigh Eo Abú.”

Trevor Quinn, 27,
Charlestown/Auckland, New Zealand

“This coming Sunday night I will venture down to a 24-hour Irish bar in Auckland, 12,000 miles from home, to watch the All-Ireland final which is due to finish shortly after 4am Monday morning. I’m eagerly anticipating joining dozens of Mayo and Donegal spectators in an Auckland city centre pub for the slightly surreal 2.30am throw-in. I’ve signed up for a GAA club over here in Auckland but training has not started yet so unfortunately I haven’t met that many people from Mayo; however I expect that will change on Sunday night.
One of my work colleagues is from Cork and I’ll be going down to the Munster Inn on Wellesley Street to watch the match with him and a few friends around 11pm. I’m quietly confident that we can finally bridge that 61-year gap.  If we do win I’m sure I will be overjoyed, proud, emotional and maybe there will be a little tinge of regret there as well that I’m so far away, however, I’ll happily deal with that if it comes to pass. Up Mayo!”

Trevor, whose home base is Charlestown, worked with the editorial staff of The Mayo News before leaving to take up an appointment with a Sunday newspaper in Auckland, New Zealand. He won’t be the only Mayo fan in New Zealand cheering on Mayo on Sunday.