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Missing the big day in Croker

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Missing the big day in Croker

Pre-booked holidays and work commitments mean some people won’t make Croke Park on Sunday

Ciara Galvin

Picture this, it’s All Ireland Sunday, the lucky 82,300 are getting settled in for the 70 minutes which will decide Sam’s home for the coming year, and what seems like the rest of the country are either making themselves comfortable on a bar stool or are revved up in their living rooms for the action.
But what about the Mayo fans who won’t get the chance to possibly witness history.
Keelin O’Toole from Ballinrobe will miss the match, swamping Jones’s Road for Kusadasi, Turkey. Going with another family from the town, Keelin expressed her disappointment at missing the final.
“I’m horrified to be missing it. We could have cancelled if it was with a travel agent but with booking on the internet you’re not entitled to anything back. We’re not even going to get to see the match as we’re flying from Knock Sunday morning and with the time difference and an hour transfer to where we’re staying it means we’ll only be able to hopefully hear the good news by text.”
Having booked the holiday three months ago Keelin doesn’t pin the blame on anyone.
“It was booked well before we thought Mayo would make an All Ireland. I would definitely have gone up to it, I had two tickets and everything.”
Not catching a break at all with travel arrangements, the two families are flying back while the hurling replay will be on.
“It’s just bad timing, I would have cancelled it if it was just myself but not with the kids going. We’ll just have to grin and bear it.”….in the sun.
Meanhile, Pat McDonald who works in Irish Pride and is one such fan that will be missing the final due to work commitments this Sunday.
“I’m working at 12.30pm on Sunday, until about 9.30pm. There’s no TV or radios allowed in the bakery, obviously because of health and safety. I’ll be taking a break before the match as there will be more lads that will have to take breaks throughout the day.”
Asked if he would have gone to the game if his Sabbath was free, the Ballinrobe man stated that he wouldn’t be able to afford going to the game.
“At €80 I wouldn’t be able to afford going up, but if I was off I would have definitely gone out to watch it. Everyone is going out to watch it and it would be great craic.”
Not quick enough off the mark, Pat explained that colleagues were quick to put plans in place after Mayo’s win over Dublin.
“A lot of people have the day booked off and only so many can have it off. We’ll probably be short-staffed as it is.”
Knowing it will be tough to avoid the result whatever way it goes Pat is optimistic about having to work.
“I’ll know the result within five minutes. I won’t be able to celebrate as I’m working again Monday, but with the perks of working Sunday, I’ll be off all week to celebrate if things go our way.”