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Garda warn revellers

Garda warn revellers

Michael Duffy

GARDAÍ in Castlebar have this week warned Christmas party revellers to ‘think twice’ before drinking to excess and becoming involved in public order incidents and assaults.
A spokesperson for the Gardaí said there was a noticeable increase in these type of assaults over the weekend just past and the majority of the incidents were related to excessive drinking.
“Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and goodwill to all people, but over the weekend there was a number of assaults in the bigger towns across the county and the majority of these   were associated with people drinking too much at Christmas parties,” stated the spokesperson, who added that the people charged in relation to these incidents will not be getting the New Year off to a good start.
“The people involved in these offences are going to find themselves up before a judge in the New Year having to answer embarrassing questions about their behaviour. Everyone looks forward to their Christmas party, but the ritual nowadays seems to be to get totally inebriated. People definitely need to think twice about their behaviour and act responsibly,” added the Garda spokesperson, who confirmed that eight people were arrested for drink driving last weekend.
“People are being continually caught now and we will be maintaining our presence on the county’s roads over the holiday period,” concluded the spokesperson.