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Road safety campaigns launched

Road safety campaigns launched

Claire Egan

Headlights and tires are the focus of two new campaigns to prevent carnage and deaths on Mayo’s road this winter.
Mayo County Council, Western Care Association and the Health Service Executive West launched the ‘Daylighted’ Campaign on Monday last as part of the National Health and Safety Week.
‘Daylighted’ is a campaign to promote the use of dipped headlights when driving during daylight hours.
The agencies involved have produced a series of leaflets and eye catching car stickers for their staff to encourage their participation.
“We hope that this initiative will also encourage all drivers to use dipped headlights during the day and help protect themselves and their families on the roads.  Many people feel that using their lights in daytime increases fuel consumption and shortens battery and bulb life. It is true that fuel economy is slightly affected but it has no effect on the battery and a negligible effect on bulb life. However, the benefits for all of us far outweigh the small cost”, stated a spokesperson for the bodies involved.
In November as part of Mayo County Council’s on going safety campaign a scheme to highlight illegal and badly worn tyres as well as defective lights will begin.
In conjunction with the tyre industry in Mayo, motorists will be able to call into 23 centres and can take advantage of free safety checks at participating retailers in Mayo. The safety checks will start on November 16 and will be run throughout the county.