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Charges for recycling pending

Charges for recycling pending

Anton McNulty

Householders could soon be charged for recycling waste under plans being drawn up by Mayo County Council.
The new bye-laws which have been recommended under the new Connacht Waste Management Plan will introduce a separate kerb side collection for recyclable material. However householder will also have to pay a fee if they go to the Civic Amenities Centres in either Derrinumera and Rathroeen. The recycling facilities are currently free of charge.
Mr Ray Norton, Director of Services for the Council, confirmed at a meeting of the Environmental Strategic Policy Committee that there would be a recycling cost if they do not avail of the service.
“The Council will be charging for the service. If in 2007, Westport has one or two separate waste collection contractors, then everyone in the town will be able to avail of that service. At the Civic Amenity Centres there will be a cost to people using it who do not avail of the service,” he said.
Mr Michael Joyce, Waste Plan Co-Ordinator said the charge would be introduced to discourage people from driving to the centres and cause pollution from the carbon dioxide emissions. He claimed the emissions from the cars going to the centre was doing more damage than the good from recycling.
Cllr Johnnie O’Malley said the charge appears to punish people for recycling.