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Garda warning after minor road collisions


ADVICE Supt Joe McKenna.

Nine minor road traffic collisions over the weekend

Anton McNulty

A SENIOR Garda has asked drivers to be aware and allow space between them and the vehicles ahead of them after an increase in minor road traffic accidents over the weekend.
Gardaí in Mayo reported nine traffic collisions across the county over the weekend with the majority of them considered material damage accidents, with no serious injuries recorded.
With an increase in road works expected over the coming weeks, Superintendent Joe McKenna has urged motorists to be aware of the vehicle ahead of them and ensure there is plenty of space between them.
“We have noticed that there has been a lot of rear ending of vehicles in recent weeks and we would urge drivers to give yourself more time and space. There is a lot of road works going on at the moment with more traffic lights so drivers should be aware of the traffic ahead of them and having to stop suddenly,” he said.  Mayo County Council have published a list of road work programmes which are scheduled to take place this week and stated that they are likely to cause traffic disruptions. Each of the municipal districts are affected by the road works but the majority of disruptions are likely to be in the Castlebar Municipal District.

Exercise caution
Supt McKenna also asked motorists to exercise caution when allowing vehicles out off minor side roads, as this may lead to unintentional collisions.
“Some drivers let people out of minor side roads onto busier roads out of courtesy, but it can be dangerous and lead to accidents. If there is no other car behind you that is fine but if there is traffic coming behind you, it is dangerous. The driver behind you does not know you will suddenly slow down to a standstill without signalling and this can lead to rear ending.
“While the majority of drivers are being courteous when they do this, it is not best practice. There was nine incidents of rear ending over the weekend so we would urge all motorists to take care and always be aware of traffic around them,” he said.