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Vandals burn down ‘Hardy Bucks’ filming location


DESTROYED The Hardy Bucks house in Swinford has been burnt in a fire.

Cian McNicholas

A filming location from the hit RTÉ series ‘The Hardy Bucks’ in Swinford was burnt down recently by vandals. The house that was referred to as the ‘Casa Del Bucks’ was found in a dire state, with the middle of the roof being completely destroyed. Lead character in the series Martin Maloney, who played the character of Eddie Durkan, revealed the news to fans via Twitter. In the series the house was well known as Buzz’s aunties’ house where Buzz McDonnell [played by Owen Colgan] and Eddie Durkan [played by Maloney] lived in. It soon became a very popular filming location for ‘the Bucks’.
Another character from the series Stephen Kelly, who played ‘Cowboy Lavin’ and is currently a part of the ‘3 Bucks Left’, described it as a ‘sad day’ for the history of the Hardy Bucks series.
Kelly also spoke to The Mayo News about the publicity the show gave to the town of Swinford.
“I suppose locally you will never be a prophet in your own land and I don’t think the cottage was appreciated locally as much as it was probably with Hardy Bucks fans further afield, which is quite often the case. The show locally wasn’t appreciated for what it was - it was a phenomenal thing.”
The Swinford house was revealed to be owned by one of the show’s creators Chris Tordoff who wrote a lot of the RTÉ series and played the infamous character the ‘Viper Higgins.’

Family home
“It was Chris Tordoff’s family house and as young fellas do, it has been wrecked over the last couple of years,” revealed Kelly.
“As soon as the location was shared and of course with social media these days it is so easy to share locations and what not, as everything is accessible. And all it takes is one messer to start it off, and of-course when someone starts everyone else joins in and unfortunately it has ended up the way it has.”
Stephen himself has a large social media following along with other former cast-members Peter Cassidy who played ‘Frenchtoast O’Toole’ and Michael Salmon who played ‘Salmon,’ all make-up the ‘3 Bucks Left’ which has over 84,000 followers on Instagram. Even with the devastation of a core part of the ‘Hardy Bucks,’ there still remains a huge fan base that is growing and growing. But Kelly is confident that the house will stay like the Hardy Bucks. “Dust to dust and all that, but as I said it is a sad day,” concluded Kelly.
The house itself remains in a burnt and destroyed state.