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‘Everyone needs to get behind this’


URGENCY NEEDED Rose Conway Walsh believes the need for the Western Rail Corridor has never been more obvious.

Conway-Walsh calls for cross-party support on WRC

Michael Gallagher

The need for the Western Rail Corridor has never been clearer, according to Sinn Féin TD, Rose Conway Walsh. Speaking exclusively to The Mayo News, the party’s front-bench spokesperson on Higher Education, Innovation and Science said the current unprecedented hikes in the cost of fuel reinforce the need for improved public transport services in the west of Ireland, with rail connectivity a top priority.
“The absolute need and urgent requirement for the Western Rail Corridor has never been more obvious than it is now. It’s a shovel-ready project which makes absolute sense,” she said.
“We look at the Bradley Report and the very solid business case which has been put forward for this project, which would cost €151 million. That would provide connectivity for all of us along the western seaboard, and fit into the Atlantic Corridor and the possibilities we can develop here,” she stated, before calling for all Mayo politicians to support her.
“I’m calling for cross-party support on this. Everyone needs to get behind this and make it happen. It is a firm commitment from Sinn Féin in government that the Western Rail Corridor will be delivered, and I will be ensuring that it is. However, we cannot and should not wait. This is a political decision that’s urgently needed and should be delivered immediately,” she added, before saying the Government faces a test of its commitment to rural Ireland.
“Any survey of people in rural Ireland, no matter what age, will tell you that the number one barrier they encounter is transport, and it’s even more of a barrier now because of the rising cost.
“The provision of the Western Rail Corridor will show people whether the Government is serious about the sustainability and development of rural Ireland and the transport challenges faced there.”