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New RTÉ series visits Westport and Achill


NEW SERIES IN MAYO Simon Delaney's new show will feature Westport and Achill.

‘On the Roads with Simon Delaney’ will feature on RTÉ One next Monday evening

Michael Duffy

‘On the Roads with Simon Delaney’ is a new series which began on RTÉ One at 8.30pm last Monday night. In episode two next Monday night, June 13, Simon is in Mayo.
He meets Noelle Angley, Architect with Mayo County Council, and they discuss the active travel plan around Westport and how the Greenway feeds into this. He also meets Kieran Ryan, from the ‘15 Minute Westport’ campaign. They are looking at the re-allocation of road spaces. In the town currently, 805 of the road spaces are given over to vehicle use. 
On Achill Island, he meets Andrea O’Malley Kilbane who’s life has been transformed by the availability of the Keel Remote Working Hub, the most remote working hub in Europe. Less time in the car, means more time for community activities. 
Over this four-part series, Simon Delaney looks at the big issues facing Ireland when it comes to road safety, shared mobility, and climate action. He finds out how we might make travel in Ireland safer, greener, and simply more pleasant, not just for the road users but also for the people living in the areas we move through.
To do this, Simon visits some of our European neighbours to look at what they are doing to reduce road collisions whilst keeping their traffic moving in a safer, greener, and more effective way. He then spends time with the teams tasked with keeping our roads and road users safe as well as the people behind the positive changes happening across Ireland.
He will be joined by journalists Geraldine Herbert and Conor Pope to look at both the current state and the future of cars and our road networks as well why our capital city ranks among the most congested in Europe and the ongoing challenges of getting people out of cars and onto public transport, bikes, or walking.
“I spent two months travelling across both Ireland and Europe looking at the road safety and climate action challenges we face here in Ireland and what our European neighbours are doing to help fix their own issues,” said Simon.
“Across the series, I take a long hard look at how we travel across Ireland, addressing the big issues we face daily, from collisions to congestion, and I look at the links between road safety and climate action.”

 ‘On the Roads with Simon Delaney’ featuring Westport and Achill is on RTÉ One next Monday evening at 8.30pm.