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45 children need rescuing from Ukraine


STARK SITUATION Professor Yury Bandazhevsky laid bare the treachorous conditions facing 45 children in Ukraine, where radiation contamination is a real threat due to the ongoing war. Pic: Karen Cox

Plans revealed to open specialised centre in Mayo at event in TF Royal Theatre

Michael Gallagher

A world famous scientist is begging the people of Mayo to welcome 45 children into the county and give them a chance to escape imminent death.
Professor Yury Bandazhevsky, the leading authority on the impact of the Chernobyl disaster, spoke exclusively with The Mayo News yesterday (Monday) and said there is a small window of opportunity to get the war-impacted children out of Ukraine and Belarus.
“There are 45 children ready to breathe the clean air of Mayo, but the situation in their villages is beyond words. I don’t think the world fully realises what’s happening in this polluted land. It might be bombed again tomorrow and already they have disturbed the soil with previous bombs.
“The children are in the midst of this and let me tell you how bad things are. All the chickens have died in these villages. The new wave of radiation poisoning in the air has killed them so you can imagine what the children are experiencing.
“I am begging the people of Mayo to help the Candle of Grace charity get them to safety. If we get them to Castlebar they will be safe and then we will ask the council to help us look for accommodation,” Professor Bandazhevsky stated.

Ambitious plans
Meanwhile, Mayo may be about to become the world’s leading centre for research into the impact of radiation poisoning. That groundbreaking news was announced in Castlebar last Tuesday night when renowned scientists and a representative of the French government spoke in The TF Royal Hotel.
Professor Bandazhevsky and the Candle of Grace charity hosted the event and asked for Irish, French and EU support for the project while telling the assembled audience such a centre in Mayo will be of huge benefit to the locality and the world.
“I have devoted my life to this project. I am passionate about the necessity of this for the future of our planet and I am utterly devoted to building the centre here in Mayo, because it is absolutely ideal and I have the support of Lily Luzan, Candle of Grace, which I utterly trust,” he stated.
Bandazhevsky has moved to Mayo in recent weeks after initially refusing to leave Ukraine when the war began. So dedicated is he to his work, he wanted to remain in the danger-zone to care for the children who are impacted.
The leading scientist had built-up a wonderful relationship with Candle of Grace over the years due to the charity’s work right at the heart of the Chernobyl zone. After much contact from Ms Luzan, he agreed to relocate in Mayo.
“This man is so very important to humanity. He is so very important to the world and future generations. He will not be around forever, therefore it is vitally important we build the centre here and get him back to work.
“Already contact has been made with NUI Galway and we have some of their representatives here tonight and they know how determined we are to develop the centre here in Mayo. Other scientists and experts from around the world want to come here and help too and gain knowledge from the professor.
“The world is now realising work he has done already is so precious, so crucial, so important to every single man, woman and child on the planet. The world is now realising the savage danger there is again from Chernobyl,” Ms Luzan warned.
Her words were buttressed by Professor Natalia Dubovaya who has worked alongside Bandazhevsky on the project.
“The war has brought (radiation) levels to a new level entirely. It is so bad that the children of the area need to be removed immediately to save their lives. Tonight, we are here in Castlebar in Ireland asking the Irish government, the EU and the world to help get the children to safety,” the renowned professor of endocrinology stated.

Local backing
The Castlebar event was attended by local county councillors, Martin McLoughlin, Donna Sheridan and Blackie Gavin. They were wholesome in their support for and praise of Ms Luzan and the Candle of Grace charity.
“We will do absolutely everything we can to help this amazing charity and the amazing woman driving it. We know how critical it is to get the children out of the area and here to us in Mayo and we know how vitally important it is to build the research centre here in our community,” Cllr Sheridan told The Mayo News.
“We are a great community here in Castlebar - a welcoming community and we will all work together to support Lily, the professor and the children who are in so much danger.”