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Belmullet most boosted area in Connacht


CSO confirms 74 percent of Belmullet Electoral Area is fully vaccinated

Anton McNulty

THE Belmullet Electoral Area is the most boosted local electoral area in Connacht against Covid-19, and the second highest in Ireland, according to latest statistics.
The Central Statistics Office (CSO) Bulletin on booster vaccination statistics revealed that 74 percent of the Belmullet Electoral Area population has received an additional booster vaccination. The latest bulletin covers boosters administered up to March 4, 2022.
The most boosted area in Ireland is the Bantry Electoral Area in West Cork, where 75 percent of the population has received an additional booster vaccination.
The Belmullet Electoral Area, which covers Erris and the parish of Achill and the western part of Burrishoole, is some way ahead of the other electoral areas in Mayo.
Three electoral areas – Ballina, Swinford and Claremorris – have the next-highest vaccination rate in Mayo, with 68 percent of the population in those electoral areas boosted.
The Castlebar Electoral Area is slightly lower at 67 percent, while the Westport Electoral Area has the lowest rate, at 65 percent.
While the Belmullet area has the highest rate to have received the additional booster vaccination, it has one of the lowest rates of vaccination among the population aged five to eleven. As of March 4, less than 8.5 percent of this age group has received the vaccine.
The highest vaccination rate among the population aged five to eleven is in the Castlebar and Westport Electoral Areas, which both have a range of between 12.5 and 13.7 percent, while the Ballina, Swinford and Claremorris Electoral Areas are between 10.8 and 12.5 percent.
Cases falling
Meanwhile, the number of Covid-19 cases in Mayo University Hospital continues to fall with 14 cases recorded in the hospital as of 8pm on Sunday evening, one of which was in the Intensive Care Unit.
The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases confirmed by PCR tests continues to fall around the county, with all of the electoral areas recording case numbers below the national average. The highest number of cases continues to be in the Castlebar Electoral Area, with 176 cases recorded in the 14-day period up to April 18. The incidence rate per 100,000 population for the area is 586.8 below the national average of 598.7. In the Claremorris Electoral Area, 140 cases were recorded, which took its incidence rate to 515.8, while 105 cases were recorded in the Westport Electoral Area, which gave it an incidence rate of 571.3.
The Swinford Electoral Area recorded 77 cases, and 75 were recorded in the Ballina Electoral Area. The incidence rate for the two areas was 445.4 and 298.7, respectively.
The lowest number of Mayo cases was in the Belmullet Electoral Area, with 41 cases recorded and an incidence rate of 325.4.