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Ballina cheapest for fuel as prices drop



Edwin McGreal

Prices for petrol and diesel in Mayo have come down in the past week as the government tax cut and lower oil prices take hold.
However, prices still remain higher than three weeks ago, when we conducted our most recent Mayo News fuel survey.
The cheapest town for fuel in the county is Ballina where four filling stations are under €1.80 per litre of petrol and three are under that mark for diesel.
On Sunday night and yesterday (Monday) morning, our reporters observed prices at pumps across the county in a selected survey, following on from a full survey of prices in the county three weeks ago.
In total we noted the prices at over 25 filling stations right across the county to see what impact the recent surge in oil prices, subsequent drop and government tax relief was having on prices for customers throughout Mayo.
For not the first time, Ballina is the most competitive town in our survey.
The cheapest petrol in our survey is found in two Ballina forecourts – Casey’s Circle K on Circular Road and Circle K on the Foxford Road, both at €1.75.9.
Three Ballina stations have the cheapest diesel in our survey – Clarke’s Top on Pound Street, Tuffy’s Texaco on the Foxford Road and Top Oil on the Crossmolina Road, all €1.79.9.
The prices are down from last week where petrol and diesel had broken the €2 ceiling in many filling stations in Mayo, for both petrol and diesel, as a result of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.
That’s down to a reduction in the price of oil and a government tax cut on road fuel.
However, the prices are still higher than our last full survey, which appeared in the issue of March 1 from a survey the previous Tuesday and Wednesday.
In that survey, the cheapest for petrol was €1.72.8 and €1.62.8 for diesel.
That was in Higgins’s Applegreen in Claremorris but there was quite a gulf to the highest – ten cents per litre in petrol and fully 15 cent for diesel.
The Government announced a cut of 20 cent per litre of diesel and 15 cent per litre of petrol which came into effect from last Wednesday night.
This, combined with a drop in the price of fuel as supply catches up with demand, has led to an overall drop in prices across the county.
Our sample survey of over 25 stations in the county on Sunday evening and Monday morning show as much as 23 cent per litre of diesel between the cheapest and the dearest and 24 cent of a gulf in petrol.
Expect to see plenty more fluctuations in the weeks though but it clearly pays to shop around.

                                                      Petrol  Diesel

Achill, Lavelle’s Circle K, Cashel        185.9    199.9
Ballina, Gillespie’s, Killala Rd          180.9     180.9
Ballina, Clarke’s Top, Pound St          179.9      179.9
Ballina, Casey’s, Circular Rd         175.9      183.9
Ballina, Judge’s, Sligo Rd             192.9      189.9
Ballina, Tuffy’s Texaco, Foxford Rd        179.9      179.9
Ballina, Circle K, Foxford Rd         175.9      185.9
Ballina, Texaco Ballina Tool Hire         199.9     199.9
Ballina, Mangan’s Top, Ardnaree        189.9    189.9
Ballina, Top Oil, Crossmolina Rd         182.9     179.9
Ballinrobe, Corrib Oil Circle K        187.9    194.9
Ballinrobe, Emo Bowgate St            188.9    195.9
Ballinrobe, Top Castlebar Rd        177.9    182.9
Ballyvary, McHale’s Inver             188.9      195.9
Belmullet, Coyle’s Top            195.9    202.9
Castlebar, Mulroy’s Dublin Rd         188.9      195.9
Castlebar, Maxol Cathal Duffy         188.9     194.9
Castlebar, Corrib Oil, Humbert Way         187.9     194.9
Castlebar, Cosgrave’s, Westport Rd        187.9     194.9
Claremorris, Hillside, Ballyhaunis Rd        189.9    189.9
Claremorris, Higgins’s Applegreen        184.8    189.8
Foxford, Reape’s, Swinford Rd         198.9      199.9
Louisburgh, Corrib Oil            187.9    194.9
Newport, Kelly’s Circle K            189.9    195.9
Westport, Hoban’s Top, The Fairgreen     189.9      199.9
Westport, Corrib Oil Circle K          187.9     194.9
Westport, Texaco Sheeaune         189.9     196.9