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Fuel costs keep rising


Castlebar the most expensive as fuel prices continue to rise

Edwin McGreal

With fuel prices set to rise in the coming days and weeks due to the war in Ukraine, we sent our reporters out the length and breadth of Mayo last week to see what the prices are like before they start to rise further.
Indeed, some filling stations raised their prices over the weekend.
Our survey – conducted by our reporters on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week – shows quite high prices to begin with. Indeed, the prices at the pumps for this survey are the highest since we started doing our fuel survey over a decade ago.
Our reporters charted the prices at 61 filling stations from Belmullet to Ballyhaunis and Louisburgh to Lahardane.
Claremorris is the cheapest town by some distance in our survey.
Its three filling stations are the top three for petrol in the county while they are all in the top six for diesel.
More particularly, the cheapest petrol and diesel prices in the county were to be found at one filling station – Higgins’s Applegreen on the Ballyhaunis Road.
At €1.72.8 per litre of petrol, it is over one cent cheaper than the nearest competitor. With a price of €1.62.8 per litre of diesel, it is over two cents cheaper than the next cheapest.
The most expensive town in the county is Castlebar, which comes in more expensive than even geographically remote locations like Achill and Belmullet. Averaged across the nine stations in the town, it is over eight cents more expensive per litre of petrol and diesel than the average price for the three stations in Claremorris.
The gulf is even greater if you compare some individual filling stations. Six filling stations in Castlebar are over ten cent dearer per litre than Higgins’s in Claremorris while, incredible, Maxol at the Cathal Duffy Roundabout was 14.7 cents dearer than Higgins’s for diesel.
That means for a 50 litre tank fill, you would save over €7 by going to Higgins’s than Duffy’s.
The value of shopping around has never been more apparent with people often spending upwards to €90 to fill their car. While Castlebar is expensive, value is to be had with Tommy Robinson’s on Spencer Street and McHale’s in nearby Ballyvary cheaper than many bigger filling stations in the town.

Global oil prices
Ballinrobe’s prices have been consistently high across our surveys down the years and they are the next highest town after Castlebar with an average of €1.79.6 for petrol and €1.69.6 for diesel. Westport is not far behind, with €1.78.4 for petrol and €1.69.4 for diesel.  
Comparisons year on year are instructive on the impact of global oil prices and taxation.
Figures provided by the AA show that there are 98 cents per litre of petrol paid in various taxes with the corresponding figure for diesel being 85 cent.
Our first survey was in 2010 when the cheapest in the county was Gallagher’s in Charlestown (now Supermacs) which was €128.9 for petrol and €1.19.9 for diesel.
Prices climbed considerably in the coming years with prices in our 2013 survey the highest in our survey before this year. Four petrol stations in Ballina and Foxford were the joint cheapest at €1.49.9 per litre of petrol and €1.41.9 per litre of petrol.
By 2016, the prices had went considerably back from there. Tesco in Claremorris were charging just €1.26.9 per litre of petrol and €1.09.8 per litre of diesel. Not long after, some stations in the county were charging less than €1 per litre of diesel.
The prices climbed up again by the time of our 2019 survey. The cheapest in the county were the Applegreens in Foxford and Crossmolina with petrol at €1.39.8 and diesel at €1.28.8 per litre.
The prices now are at their highest point ever and climbing. It seems only a matter of time until we see €2 per litre.

Cheapest by year                            Petrol         Diesel
2010   Gallagher’s Charlestown        128.9    119.9
2011   Staunton’s Knappagh, Westport        145.9    136.9
2013   Four Ballina and Foxford stations        149.9    141.9
2014   Cosgrave’s Castlebar        145.9    136.9
2016   Tesco Claremorris        126.9    109.9
2019   Applegreens Foxford & Crossmolina        139.8    128.8
2022   Higgins Applegreen, Claremorris          172.8    162.8       

Top 5 cheapest petrol
1 Higgins’s Applegreen, Claremorris     172.8
2= Hillside, Ballyhaunis Rd, Claremorris    173.9
2= Certa Tesco, Claremorris         173.9
4 Applegreen, N17 Kilkelly         174.8
5 Hennigan’s Maxol, Ballindine     174.9

Top 5 cheapest diesel
1 Higgins’s Applegreen, Claremorris     162.8
2 Hennigan’s Maxol, Ballindine     164.9
3 Applegreen, N17 Kilkelly         165.8
4= Certa Tesco, Claremorris         165.9
4= Hillside, Ballyhaunis Rd, Claremorris 165.9
4= Gillespie’s, Killala Road, Ballina     165.9

Stations Surveyed                                       Petrol    Diesel
    Lavelle’s Circle K, Cashel            179.9    170.9
Balla       Roche’s Circle K                         179.9    171.9
Ballina    Gillespie’s, Killala Road               175.9    165.9
Ballina    Clarke’s Top, Pound St                176.9    166.9
Ballina    Casey’s Circle K, Circular Rd        178.9    168.9
Ballina    Judge’s Top, Sligo Rd                  176.9    168.9
Ballina    Mangan’s Top, Ardnaree              179.9    169.9
Ballina    Tuffy’s Texaco, Foxford Rd           176.9    166.9
Ballina    Circle K, Foxford Rd                    176.9    166.9
Ballina    Texaco Ballina Tool Hire               179.9    169.9
Ballina    Top Oil, Crossmolina Rd               179.9    169.9
Ballindine    Hennigan’s Maxol                    174.9    164.9
Ballindine    McHugh’s Texaco                    177.9    167.9
Ballinrobe    Corrib Oil Circle K, Neale Rd    178.9    168.9    
Ballinrobe    Emo, Castlebar Road              179.9    169.9
Ballinrobe    Top, Bowgate Street               179.9    169.9
Ballintubber    Corrigan’s Emo                    178.9    167.9
Ballyhaunis    Corrib Oil Circle K                 177.9    167.9
Ballyhaunis    Top, Ballinlough Rd               176.9    166.9
Ballyheane    Top                                      178.9    167.9
Ballyvary    McHale’s Inver                         177.9    170.9
Bangor Erris    Texaco, Erris Motors            180.9    170.9
Barr na Trá    Healy’s Spar                         180.9    170.9
Belmullet    Coyle’s Top                              180.9    170.9
Belmullet    Texaco, Belmullet Motor Factors  178.9    168.9
Castlebar    Mulroy’s, Dublin Rd                   182.9    172.9
Castlebar    Top, Moneen                            179.9    171.9
Castlebar    Mulroy’s, Breaffy Rd                 182.9    172.9
Castlebar    Maxol, Cathal Duffy’s                182.9    177.5
Castlebar    Tommy Robinson’s, Spencer St  176.9    169.9
Castlebar    Corrib Oil, Humbert Way           179.9    169.9
Castlebar    Casey’s, Lannagh Road             182.9    172.9
Castlebar    Duffy’s Texaco, Old Turlough Rd  182.9    172.9
Castlebar    Cosgrave’s, Westport Rd            182.9    176.9
Charlestown    Top, Swinford Rd                   176.9    167.9
Charlestown    Cassidy’s Circle K, Sligo Road  178.9    168.9
Charlestown    Top (Supermacs), Knock Rd     177.9    167.9
Claremorris    Hillside, Ballyhaunis Rd            173.9    165.9
Claremorris    Higgins’s Applegreen                172.8    162.8
Claremorris    Certa, Tesco                            173.9    165.9
Crossmolina    Mulhern’s Applegreen              177.8    167.8
Foxford    Applegreen, Ballina Rd                   177.8    167.8
Foxford    Reape’s, Swinford Rd                     178.9    168.9
Hollymount    Fahy’s                                     178.9    167.9
Kilkelly    Applegreen, N17                            174.8    165.8    
Kilkelly    Cunniffe’s                                      176.9    170.9
Kiltimagh    Walsh’s Circle K                          175.9    170.9
Killala    McDonnell’s Top                               178.9    168.9
Lahardane    Leonard’s Top                            179.9    171.9
Louisburgh    Corrib Oil Circle K                     179.9    169.9
Mulranny    Doherty’s Applegreen                  176.8    168.8
Newport    Kelly’s Circle K                             177.9    170.9
Swinford    Corrib Oil Circle K                        177.9    167.9
Swinford    XL Foxford Rd                             177.9    167.9
Swinford    Applegreen, Kiltimagh Rd            177.8    167.8
Westport    Hoban’s Top, The Fairgreen          177.9    168.9
Westport    Corrib Oil Circle K                       177.9    168.9
Westport    Texaco, Sheeaune                      177.9    168.9
Westport     Gannon’s Emo, Belclare             179.9    170.9
Westport    Top, Knappagh                           177.9    168.9
Westport    Holland’s Emo, Carrabaun            178.9    169.9