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Conway-Walsh says sliding scale for pyrite redress is wrong


Mayo TD Rose Conway-Walsh

The government needs to remove the ‘sliding scale’ provision of the Pyrite/Mica redress scheme, according to Mayo TD Rose Conway-Walsh.
Speaking after the announcement of the scheme, Deputy Conway-Walsh outlined the difficulties she sees in the scheme.
“It is clear now that the ‘sliding scale’ provision introduced to the Pyrite/Mica redress scheme by Cabinet brings those impacted by Pyrite and Mica to well below the market cost to reconstruct their homes.
“That means homeowners will need to pay tens of thousands of euro from their own pockets. Ordinary workers and families in Mayo, Donegal and elsewhere on the west coast do not have that kind of money, which is why the previous scheme fell apart.
“The government needs to go back to the position that was articulated to the families on the morning of the announcement – that there would be no ‘sliding scale’ provision.
“The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland calculator makes no mention of a sliding scale, so we do not know where this provision was plucked from.
“The most important measurement is whether people will be able to afford to rebuild their homes. Under this scheme, rebuilding modest homes will require homeowners putting their hands in their pockets to meet major shortfalls.
“Sinn Féin’s position is to stand with the workers and families affected, and support 100 percent redress,” she said.