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Mayo Covid cases up 17 percent


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Edwin McGreal

There has been a 17 percent rise in weekly confirmed Covid-19 cases in Mayo but confirmed hospital cases are amongst the lowest in the country.
In the week concluding last Thursday, November 25 there were a total of 773 cases confirmed in the seven day period.
That’s a rise of 17 percent from cases for the previous week, concluding November 18, where there were 659 cases.
It means that in total across those two weeks there were a total of 1,432 cases in the county.
The latest figures released by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HSPC) show that Mayo has an incidence rate per 100,000 of 1,097.3, which is below the national average of 1,292.4.
In terms of case numbers, Mayo is second in Connacht for that 14 day period, behind Galway on 2,810 while ahead of Roscommon (735), Sligo (776) and Leitrim (368).
The breakdown by electoral district reveals that Westport has the highest incidence in the county while both Castlebar and Claremorris are also above the national average.
Those figures are for a two week period to November 22.
In that timeframe, Westport Electoral Area had 282 confirmed cases, an incidence per 100,000 of 1,534.4. The national incidence rate for that timeframe was 1,268.4.
Castlebar Electoral Area had more cases – with 416 confirmed cases – but spread over a larger population, its incidence rate was 1,387.
Claremorris Electoral Area had 345 cases, an incidence rate of 1,271.1, just over the national average.
Ballina Electoral Area had 305 cases, an incidence rate of 1,214.7 while Swinford Electoral Area had an incidence rate of 1,191.7, with 206 cases.
Belmullet Electoral Area again remains the lowest in the county, by a considerable distance. There were 59 confirmed cases in the area in that timeframe, meaning an incidence rate of 468.3, almost a third of the national average.
As of Sunday night at 8pm, there were eight confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Mayo University Hospital, among the lowest in the country.
By means of comparison, University Hospital Limerick has 46 cases while nine other hospitals have 20 or more cases.