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Mayo is fifth-highest county for Covid deaths in Ireland


Pandemic takes big Mayo toll, while four deaths recorded in first week of October

Anton McNulty

Four Covid-19-related deaths were recorded in Mayo during the first week of October, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).
The latest data series on Covid-19 deaths and cases was released by the CSO on Friday. It shows that from the start of the pandemic to Friday, October 15, 198 people died in Mayo as a result of Covid-19 – the fifth highest of any county.
Dublin has the highest number of Covid fatalities, with 1,765 deaths, followed by Cork (463), Kildare (300), Limerick (239) and Louth (200). The sixth-highest county is Donegal, with 183 deaths.
Due to the HSE hacking episode, the number of deaths due to Covid-19 was not published by the CSO from April 30 until September 3, when the data was made public again. During the summer months there were 12 Covid-19 related deaths recorded in Mayo. Between September 3 and September 30, there were two Covid-related deaths in the county.

Younger cohort
The newly released data also shows that the median age of people getting infected by Covid-19 in Mayo is also decreasing.
The median age of infected people now stands at 32. At the end of April the median age was 41. The median age of people dying from Covid-19 has not changed much since the end of April, when it was 83. It now it stands at 84.
The number of confirmed cases over the seven-day period up to October 21 in Mayo stands at 228 while the five-day moving average of confirmed cases now stands at 29.
The number of patients with Covid-19-related illness in Mayo University Hospital is also on the rise. As of 8pm on Sunday, Mayo University Hospital had ten confirmed cases of Covid-19. Three of those patients were in the Intensive Care Unit.
University Hospital Limerick has the highest number of Covid-19 cases in Ireland with 51, followed by Galway University Hospital with 37. There are currently six Covid-19 patients in the ICU of Galway University Hospital.
Incidence rates
The latest figures by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) shows that in the 14-day period up to midnight on October 21, 472 Covid-19 cases were confirmed in Mayo. As a result of these new cases, the county has a 14-day incidence rate per 100,000 population of 361.7. This is below the national average of 544.5. Leitrim recorded the highest incidence rate in Connacht with a 14-day incidence rate of 564.8.
The latest Covid-19 figures for each of the electoral areas in Mayo shows that the Castlebar Electoral Area has the highest number of new cases, with 199 recorded over the 14-day period ending October 18. As a result, the 14-day incidence rate for the Castlebar Electoral Area now stands at 663.5, which is above the national average for the same period of 493.
The number of cases in the Swinford Electoral Area is also on the rise, with 95 cases recorded, which brings its incidence rate to 549.6. Eighty-two cases were recorded in the Claremorris Electoral Area, which has an incidence rate of 302.1, while both the Ballina and Westport Electoral Areas recorded 49 cases. The incidence rate for Westport is 266.6 while Ballina’s is 195.1.
The Belmullet Electoral Area has one of the low incidence rates in the country at 119, with 15 new cases recorded over the 14 day period.