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Mystery as letter arrives in Achill after 28 years in transit


A LONG JOURNEY The letter addressed to Martina Calvey which was posted from Australia in 1993 and finally delivered to Achill last week.

Anton McNulty

When a letter gets lost in the post it usually remains lost but for one Achill woman she received a letter in the post which was posted almost 30 years ago.
A letter sent from Australia on September 2, 1993 finally made its way to Martina Calvey from Keel - but the mystery remains where the letter was all this time.
The letter was sent from Australia to Martina when she lived in Terenure in Dublin but she had moved out of the address by the time the letter was sent. When the letter eventually arrived in Keel on Achill Island 28 years later, the Dublin address was scratched out and c/o, Keel, Achill, Co Mayo was handwritten on the envelope.
The letter arrived at the Calvey home last Thursday and Martina shared the letter on her Twitter page and later spoke to Mairéad Ronan on her show on Today FM to try to solve the mystery behind the letter and where it was for 28 years. Martina revealed that the letter was sent to her by her cousin and it also contained a photograph taken in 1975 which included her father, Martin and brother Edward and her late granny, Grace Calvey.
“There is a whole story to this letter that I don’t know. I don’t know was it addressed to me in 1993 and has been in the Irish system for that long. I don’t know. It has been 28 years finding its way to me.
“The missing part is why now. Where has it been? Was it just found when someone moved something in a post office or press or postal system? I don’t know but there is a story to the letter,” she said.