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Blackie rescues six year old’s glasses from Lough Lannagh


REUNITED Young Colin Healy had his glasses rescued from Lough Lannagh.

Michael Gallagher

A six-year-old boy has a new hero after Castlebar councillor Blackie Gavin braved the waters of Lough Lannagh to rescue his much-loved spectacles last week. Colin Healy, from Corofin in Galway, was in Castlebar visiting his grandmother Sheila when the adventure occurred - and now Cllr Gavin is a firm friend.
“Colin, his cousin Niamh Heneghan and I were out for a walk around the lake and we were having a great time,” Sheila, wife of the late Dr Bob Healy, told The Mayo News.
“Colin is a full of life and as we were crossing the bridge, he whipped the glasses off and threw them over the side. Of course, he didn’t mean it, but they went straight to the bottom and we didn’t know what to do.
“We were all a bit shook and there were a few tears I think as reality hit. The glasses are very important to Colin and we were desperate to get them back, but the water looked deep and dangerous,” she added.
Niamh and Sheila wracked their brains for a solution and decided to ring Cllr Gavin to see if the council workers who work at the lake might try and find the glasses the following day.
“Blackie told us to stay where we were and arrived within five minutes. We explained the situation and next minute he was in the water. We were afraid anything might happen him, but Blackie could see how badly Colin needed his glasses and went straight in.
“He found them within a few minutes and the three of us were so excited and thankful. Colin said, Blackie is his hero and it’s hard to disagree with him,” Sheila added.
Meanwhile, Colin’s brother Adam was in Donegal with the Galway United U-12 team for tournament games against Finn Harps and Cliftonville. There was great delight when he scored in a 4-3 victory over Harps, but there was more excitement to come.
In the second match of the tournament, the Galway goalkeeper was injured and they had no replacement. The manager wondered what to do and then the third Healy brother, Eoin, stepped into the breach.
He had been watching the games with his parents in the stand, but seized the opportunity to get involved on the pitch. He offered his services, ran to the car for his boots and was soon stood between the posts where he pulled off three brilliant saves to win the game for Galway and bring the curtain down on a memorable weekend for the family.