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Claremorris company to scale back hand-sanitiser production


CEO Aiden Corcoran

Airmedica hand sanitiser became the country’s largest supplier following its launch in March 2020

Anton McNulty

ONE of the country’s largest producers of hand sanitiser based in Claremorris is to scale back its production in order to concentrate on cosmetic products.
Airmedica hand sanitiser, which is produced by Claremorris-based cosmetic company Lynoslife, was launched in March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and became the largest supplier of hand sanitiser in the country.
The company is the main supplier of hand sanitiser to the HSE. Between its plants in Cork and Claremorris, it has produced close to 9 million units of Airmedica in the last 12 months.
However, the company’s CEO, Aiden Corcoran told The Mayo News that the company has seen a reduction in the demand of hand sanitiser since March and have now decided to concentrate on producing their traditional cosmetic products.
“We are at a period where everyone is looking for normalisation, and sanitiser is now a represenation of a time which everyone wants to go away,” he explained.
“It came to a point where we noticed the usage rates [of hand sanitisers] are probably back to 20 percent of what it was this time last year. We noticed that because we focused so much on hand sanitiser, our other clients who were quiet have now started to come back again and the other products are more in demand.
“People want the bottle of tan for the weddings that are coming up, and we are planning a tan surge now. It will be a hell of a lot more enjoyable than making hand sanitiser,” he quipped.

‘Back of the net’
Lynoslife which was previously known as Cosmetic Creations has its headquarters in Claremorris. In 2017, the company opened a second facility in Cork, and it employs up to 170 people. The company produces a wide range of cosmetic products, from skincare to creams and shampoo to self-tanning products.
A native of Mayo Abbey, Mr Corcoran said the company was delighted to be able to play its part in fighting the pandemic, and it will continue to supply hand sanitiser to the commercial and retail sector.
“When I say it was a fantastic experience, it was not an experience we could live through every year, but I am delighted that we delivered.
“The pandemic has been positive for us as an organisation… it moved us on two to three years. In fairness to the teams in Mayo and Cork, they delivered and they lifted the load for us, and it is a credit to them.
“The question about us was could this junior team deliver at the senior level. By Jesus we did, and not only that we drove it to the back of the net.
“It was nice to know what we did, but we are happy to be going back into the normal world again.”

Strong future
In order to meet the demand for hand sanitiser last year, the company refitted and extended the Claremorris facility to increase turnover to 13 tonnes every 12 hours. Mr Corcoran added that the production of Airmedica also allowed the company to make contacts within the public and retail sectors, and he hopes this will be of benefit in the long-term.
“The future for the company is to continue to grow… we are discussing with investment partners now to invest in the company to develop products both nationally and internationally. We have good stuff going on; we are bringing out new brands in the cosmetic sector, and that is where we will be going.
“The future for the Mayo side is very strong. We are slower now than we were for the last while, but that is only for while we change from the pandemic to the new normal. The Mayo site is going nowhere, and I am looking forward to the day we announce a 100,000-square-foot factory there and we continue to expand and grow in Claremorris.”