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Councillor laments Mayo trolley figures


Anton McNulty

A CASTLEBAR councillors has accused the HSE of accepting people lying on trollies as ‘a fact of life’ in hospitals after over 20 people were on trollies last week.
The INMO trolley watch figures in Mayo University Hospital showed there were 26 people on trollies last Thursday with 22 recorded the day before.
The HSE apologised for the inconvenience and distress caused to patients and reminded the public that to attend the Emergency Department only in the case of real emergencies and they should contact their GP or GP Out-of-Hours service in the first instance.
Cllr Michael Kilcoyne, who is a representative on the HSE Regional Forum, said that two wards are currently closed in the hospital for renovations and questioned the decision to close the two of them.
“I want to know who made the decision to close two wards and why they didn’t do it one ward at a time. They have displaced a number of beds which means there is no beds for people who have to go on trollies. It is easy to see that the people who made the decision never lay on a trolley.
“Trollies are almost accepted as a fact of life by the HSE and the Government as well. If the Government didn’t accept it the HSE would seen find beds,” he said.
While the number of people on trollies reduced to five by yesterday (Monday), Cllr Kilcoyne said that the number of people on trollies was ‘not good for September’ and feared that patients were not getting a good service in the county.
“In many cases people are not able to see a doctor and people who have complaints are not given priority. The result is there are getting more ill and ending up in hospital in a hospital which decided to close to wards. I am concerned about it and think it will grow over the winter,” he said.