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Fri, Nov
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Only five supers for sprawling new Garda division


Five garda superintendents currently stationed in Mayo alone

Anton McNulty

THE new Garda Division of Mayo, Roscommon and Longford will have a total of five superintendents when it is set up, the Mayo Joint Policing Committee was informed last Friday.
As part of the reforms announced by the Garda Commissioner Drew Harris last year, the number of Garda divisions in the country will be reduced from 28 to 19, with the current Mayo Garda Division to amalgamate with the Roscommon/Longford Division.
At last week’s Mayo JPC meeting, Chief Superintendent Tony Healy confirmed that the new garda division will contain five superintendents – three for community engagement, one for crime and one in charge of governance.

At present there are five superintendents stationed in Mayo alone, and Chief Supt Healy’s announcement was met with disappointment by Cllr Michael Loftus.
“I am extremely disappointed to hear there will only be five superintendents in total in the three divisions. I think it is very disappointing when we have four here today [at the meeting], and it is something I will be bringing up with Dara Calleary to see if there is some way of reversing that decision. I am not happy to see only five superintendents [for the amalgamated division]; it is not good enough,” he said.
The amalgamation of the two divisions will produce one of the largest divisions in the country, and the decision has been met with scepticism from both councillors and members of An Garda Síochána in Mayo.
Chief Supt Healy said the new operating model is a government decision, and that the Gardaí are ‘bound by what government instructs us to do’.