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Foxford tenant’s house is Covid-19 ‘party central’ – councillor


CONCERNS Fine Gael councillor, Neil Cruise.

Anton McNulty

A Foxford-based councillor believes that Mayo County Council’s policy on anti-social behaviour is ‘far too light’, pointing to how a tenant in a Foxford estate is using his home as ‘party central’ during the Covid-19 lockdown.
Fine Gael councillor Neil Cruise accused Mayo County Council of letting down the people of the Moy View estate in Foxford by allocating a house to a person who has ‘acted the maggot’ since moving in 18 months ago.
Speaking at last week’s meeting of the Housing SPC, Cllr Cruise said he wanted a review of the Council’s anti-social-behaviour policy and residents to be informed who was being allocated houses.
“We are talking about housing genuine people and then you have a guy acting the amadán like this who has been assigned a house. I am getting representations daily and weekly from the Moy View estate … it is shocking what is going on in Moy View in Foxford.
“With a heavy heart I would like to ask for a review of Mayo County Council’s housing allocation policy and a review of anti-social-behavour policy. I am a firm believer that our policy needs to change in relation to housing. I know there is a housing shortage; I think there should be a two-strikes-and-you’re-out policy, and it should be for everyone. If you act the maggot you should be out on top of your head.
“In addition, the local authority should advise the local gardaí in any town or village who has been allocated the houses in their area. There has to be regard for the people already living in the area. As I said, the Moy View estate is populated for the greater part with decent hardworking people.
“The people are deeply aggrieved, and I have to agree with them. I don’t want a situation whereby if we are not seen to be doing anything about this, the people of Moy View or others may take this in hand and deal with the situation once and for all. I think the tenants need to have manners when allocated houses,” he said.
Cllr Cruise has in the past highlighted incidents of anti-social behaviour in the Sliabh Rua estate in Foxford where people who were awarded a temporary tenancy, ‘turned the estate upside down with incidents of drunkness, anti-social behaviour and all of this carry on’. He said that when the Gardaí are called to the house in Moy View, everyone runs out the back. He added that he has concerns for the safety of some of the elderly residents in the estate.
He also accused a ‘high ranking official’ in the Ballina Municipal District of saying to him that they would send ‘some right boyos’ down to Foxford prior to Foxford moving into the Claremorris/Swinford Municipal District in 2019.
Director of Services Simon Shevlin told Cllr Cruise that nobody condones anti-social behaviour and assured him that the case he was referring to would be reviewed. Cllr Cruise added that the problem was not caused by the officials in the Claremorris/Swinford MD but they now have to deal with it.