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Council ‘led the way’ in Covid measures for Travellers


Anton McNulty

A REPRESENTATIVE of Mayo Travellers Support Group has thanked the staff of Mayo County Council for the measures taken to prevent a spread of Covid-19 among the Travelling Community in Mayo.
In order to prevent an outbreak of Covid-19 in the Travelling Community, Mayo County Council provided sanitation services for roadside encampments and also purchased Portakabins to be used as self-isolation units.
The self-isolation units have not been needed to date, as there has been no case of the coronavirus among the Travelling Community.
Speaking at last week’s meeting of the Housing SPC, Edith Geraghty, a social-inclusion representative for the Travelling Community in Mayo, thanked the council staff for their efforts. She added that she hoped the co-operation between the Council, Travelling community and other agencies will continue post Covid-19.
“The immediate response to the outbreak was a tribute to all of the staff in that there hasn’t been an outbreak in Mayo. In terms of the documentation and the contingency plans that were developed, Mayo County Council certainly led in that we shared them right through the Traveller health unit in the HSE area, and it led the way for other councils to formulate their own documents.
“We very much appreciate the work on behalf of the Travelling Community in that by working together as a community we managed to avoid any major outbreak. We certainly hope the provision of Portaloos, sanitation, water etc and the strides that we made during Covid-19, will stay in place going forward,” she said via videolink.
The meeting was informed that the number of homelessness presentations in Mayo reduced during the Covid-19 emergency, with 15 presentations between March and May compared to 29 in the same period last year. Of the 15, ten were single units and five were family presentations.
Over the same period, eight households exited emergency accommodation.

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