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How will hairdressers work after lockdown?


DREAMS OF SALONSMany people are looking forward to getting their hair cut again – by a professional.

Westport hairdressers explain the changes we can expect when they reopen

Ciara Moynihan

Lockdown has played havoc with our locks. Many people are looking forward to getting their hair cut again, whether it’s longer tresses in need of TLC, shorter dos crying out to be restored to order, or naked roots making a holy show of themselves.
The novelty of those home haircuts is wearing thin, as wild mops and badly shorn barnets abound. Hats and caps have suddenly become de rigueur, regardless of how warm the day.
According to the Government’s Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business, the reopening date for hairdressers is currently July 20. That could change, of course, depending on a host of factors.
However, reopen they will – albeit in a different way.
Fourteen Westport salons have come together as a group to give us some insights into what the new normal will look like when clients visit their establishments.
“As you would expect, due to the current climate, it’s not going to be business as usual,” a spokesperson for the group told The Mayo News. “Whilst salons want and need to get back to work, public and employee safety have to be ensured.”
They went on to tell us about some of the main changes that clients can expect from their Westport hair salons, who have re-organised their businesses to incorporate the health-and-safety standards required for Covid-19 compliance.
Firstly, services will be appointment based only. “Please be patient with the salons if you cannot get an appointment straight away,” the spokesperson urged. “Salons will be operating at less-than-full capacity due to social distancing and safety constraints during this time.”
Clients will also be urged to be on time, as appointments will need to be staggered to properly allow for sanitisation between visits and to ensure correct social distancing.
Naturally, clients will be asked to be mindful of their own capacity to pass on the virus. “There are no guidelines yet available, but temperature testing may be introduced,” the spokesperson explained. “If you do have symptoms, or do feel unwell, please re-schedule your appointment.”
They added: “Only the client with the appointment should visit the salon, no children or friends should accompany them or visit.” Clients may also be required to wear masks, and hand sanitiser will be available on entry.
Another thing to bear in mind is that payment may be taken ahead of the appointment, by exact cash or contactless payment in the salon, and neither bags nor handbags will be permitted – only phones.
Services may also cost more, due to the extra cost of the salon modifications and the PPE required. Clients are advised to contact their salons to discuss their hair requirements, as many salons may have to operate reduced services.
Importantly, salons are pleading with clients not to request home visits.
The safest place to get your hair cut is the salon. The Westport salons put it succinctly: “We are making salons safe so you are safe.”
So while people might be tearing their hair out while waiting for the little luxuries life, such as having a coiffed thatch or a manicured mane, let’s be patient and sensible for a little while longer.
Our hairdressers are looking forward to making us feel fabulous again; it’s just about doing it safely and hygienically, and ensuring that everyone feels confident going into their salons.