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Tue, Sep
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Westport man denied home help because of lack of funding


Cllr Michael Kilcoyne

Edwin McGreal

A elderly man from the Westport area who was described by his doctor as being in ‘urgent’ need of home help has been approved for such supports – but he must go without such care because of a lack of funding.
The man, who is aged in his late 80s, has a history of falls at his home outside Westport. He lives on his own and suffers from recurrent dizziness and walks with the aid of a stick, his medical report states. The report adds the man has a history of heart and eye problems.
Cllr Michael Kilcoyne (Ind) told The Mayo News the man received a letter from the HSE dated last Thursday in which they informed him that following assessment, he has been ‘approved for home support’.
However the letter continued to state that because there is a ‘set amount of funding available to provide home support services in this area’ and as ‘that resource is fully allocated to other applicants, we are not in a position to provide supports at this time’.
The letter concludes by stating the man has been placed ‘on the waiting list and we will be in contact with you when funding becomes available’.
“I can understand the family being told the money isn’t there in September but in January at the start of the budget? It shows what people have to deal with,” Cllr Kilcoyne responded last night.
“If this is what it is like in January and an election coming up, what will it be like later in the year? The minister has said there will be extra allocations and allowances but there’s no sign of that. I don’t think people should get too carried away with promises being made right now because the reality on the ground is different,” he added.