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Tue, Jul
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Lucky Westport punter wins €472,958 in EuroMillions


EXCITEMENT Staff from O’Connor’s SuperValu store celebrate selling the winning lottery ticket from Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw. Pic: Paul Mealey

Anton McNulty

Speculation is rife in Westport over the identity of the person who bought a ticket worth almost half-a-million euro in last night’s EuroMillions draw.
Last night’s EuroMillions jackpot worth €75 million was not won, but two tickets matching five numbers and one star, worth €472,958 each, were sold in Europe – and one of those was bought in O’Connor’s SuperValu in Westport.
There were great celebrations among the staff of O’Connor’s SuperValu on Shop Street when news reached them this morning that they sold a ticket worth €472,958. However, there has been no word yet as to who bought the lucky ticket, and a spokesperson for The National Lottery confirmed that as of Wednesday afternoon nobody has contacted their offices to claim the prize.
The lucky quick-pick ticket was bought on Tuesday in O’Connor’s SuperValu, and Liam Campion, the store manager, said the win has caused great excitement around Westport.
“It is great news, and I am delighted for whoever won the prize. So far we have not heard who it is, and nobody has come forward,” he told The Mayo News.
“We are a busy shop, and because Westport is a tourist town we have tourists coming in every day who would buy a ticket or a scratch card while on holiday. We have our regulars as well, and it would be great if one of them won.
“I got a phone call last night at 9.30pm to say good news was coming, and this morning I got the official email to say we sold the ticket worth €472,958. It is a great prize for anyone to win and great publicity for Westport.”
O’Connor’s SuperValyu has been selling the lotto for over 30 years, and in 1993 it sold a ticket worth £1,305,008 to a ten-person syndicate of employees in the Northern Feather factory in Westport.
The winning numbers from last night’s EuroMillions draw were 5, 8, 12, 37 and 43, while the lucky stars were 6 and 11. The Westport ticket matched all five of the numbers and one of the lucky stars to win the €472,958. However, if had also matched the second lucky star it would have won a jackpot of €75,337,663.
The spokesperson for the National Lottery is urging anyone who may have bought a ticket in O’Connor’s to check their tickets: “Our message is simple, and that is check your tickets because you could be sitting on €472,958 without knowing about it.”