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Anger at dumping of old bathroom near Lankill NS


DUMPED Some of the material that was dumped in Lankill. Other items strewn in the ditch include an old toilet, shower doors and a child safety gate.

Anton McNulty

THE dumping of the remains of an old bathroom along with other household items into a ditch in a rural part of Westport has caused outrage and revulsion among some local residents.
The dumping occurred within the last number of months, and despite the local authority being notified of them, the items still remain in the ditch, which is located close to Lankill NS, outside Westport.
The items – strewn in different locations along the road – include a shower unit with sliding door panels, a toilet cistern and bowl, a child safety gate for a stairs, a multi-purpose compact machine saw along with cardboard packaging and polystyrene foam.
A local resident, who does not wish to be named, said she was disgusted that somebody would drive to the location and dump their rubbish at the site of the road instead of bringing it to the municipal dump.
“The rubbish was dumped just past Lankill National School about four-and-a-half miles outside Westport and just thrown into the ditch at the side of the road. Some of it, including the bathroom items, have been there since the summer, and the grass is growing over them, but other items appeared in the last month or so. I have contacted the litter warden but the rubbish is still there, and there is no sign of it being taken away.
“I haven’t a clue who did it, but obviously they had a new bathroom put in and instead of bringing the old one to the dump for recycling they thought it was better to dump it in by the side of a country road.
“I am extremely annoyed and outraged someone would do that. I bet they wouldn’t do it on their own doorstep but it is good enough for ours. It would not have cost a lot to get it disposed of properly or recycled. It is difficult to understand people who still act like this in this day and age,” the resident told The Mayo News.
The resident said that due to the site’s location off the main public road there has been numerous incidents of dumping in the area in the past. She is now calling on the local authority to investigate the recent dumping and take action, so it does not become a regular occurrence.