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Mysterious cross appears in Knock photo


MYSTERY  A cross appears in a photograph taken at Knock Shrine
Michael Commins

THE appearance of the image of a large Cross on a photo taken beside the Apparition Chapel in Knock has astounded the few people who have seen it. The photo was taken by a member of a ladies group from the Swords area of north county Dublin during their visit to Knock Shrine in recent weeks.
The image showing the picture of the cross and sun was taken on a mobile phone which she recorded after the Thursday evening Rosary Procession ended in the Processional Square close by the Apparition Chapel. She took the photo close to the Apparition Chapel and looking west through the gap on the northern side of St Mary’s Hostel.
Many in the group of close on 100 people turned to look west at the setting sun on what was a lovely evening in Knock.
Seán Radley from Millstreet, Co Cork, a retired primary school teacher, who was with a group from the North Cork MS Society, staying in St Mary’s Hostel, was among the group in the church grounds on the evening.
“I noticed several of the group, which included various nationalities, looking west and pointing to the sun. I wondered what’s up here and looked over towards the setting sun while shielding my eyes.
“Many of them present referred to seeing the phenomenon of the dancing sun and you could sense the excitement and awe. I witnessed what I would call a shimmering sun too. 
“The group from Dublin was also staying in St Mary’s and it was only later when they came back over and looked at the images that they became aware of the large cross on the top right hand corner of the photo.
“I was amazed as were the group from Dublin when I saw the image of the cross. There is no cross whosoever in that line of vision.  The large Papal Cross, which is a different shape, is around 100 yards behind where this was taken.
“As a keen photographer myself, I have no explanation as to how a large cross appears in this image. It is a complete mystery to me,” says Seán Radley.