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Thu, Aug
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Murrisk residents disgusted by brown water supply


NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE The colour of the water which is currently coming out of the taps in houses in the Murrisk area.

Anton McNulty

A MURRISK resident says she has to travel to Louisburgh to wash her clothes and collect clean drinking water because brown water is coming from the taps.
Residents in Murrisk have long complained of the poor quality of their water supply but in the last three months they feel it has got worse with heavy rainfall in recent months turning the water colour brown.
Patricia Foy told The Mayo News that she has to travel to her mother’s home in Louisburgh to wash white clothes and collect drinking water because the water from the taps is not fit for purpose.
“Since the heavy rain started in July and August the water has got particularly bad and I can’t wash any whites because the water will destroy them. I have to go to Louisburgh to do my washing and while I’m there I collect water for drinking. You can’t even cook with that water. If you are boiling potatoes it leaves a brown scum at the top and it is absolutely disgusting,” Patricia said.
“If you have a shower the water leaves a stain like mahogany. The water affects everything in the house. The tank in the attic is full of silt and muck. There must be a foot of silt at the bottom of the tank and that has to be cleaned out. It is not just me, it affects all the residents. It is scandalous what is going on and the situation is only getting worse. That is the reality of life here in Murrisk and it really needs to be highlighted,” she said.
Patricia called for water tankers with clean water to be provided to residents so they do not have to pay for clean drinking water. She said residents from Murrisk to Lecanvey were all affected by the poor water and stated that people were spending a fortune buying water.
Local Independent councillor Christy Hyland said that it was not acceptable for anyone to live with such a poor water supply like the people of Murrisk. The current water supply for the local community comes from Croagh Partrick and Cllr Hyland said they need to be connected with the main Westport water supply.
“The people of Murrisk cannot be allowed to continue to have water like this and it needs to be sorted. Mayo County Council have applied for funding to bring the water from Westport to Lecanvey but we were told there would be news in July but it’s September now and there is no word of anything happening,” he said.