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Documentary to tell Benjy The Gay Bull’s story


Anton McNulty

THE story of Benjy, the gay bull from Kiltimagh who was saved from the butchers block thanks to a co-creator of The Simpsons, is to be the focus of a radio documentary.
In November 2014, a Charolais bull on a Kiltimagh farm became the focus of international media attention when news broke that he was going to be slaughtered, after his owner noticed he was more interested in hanging around with a younger male calf than mating with his herd of cows.
The farmer decided to cut his losses and send Benjy to the abattoir, but when this became public it resulted in a public outcry with animals rights groups, launching an international campaign to save the non-performing bull.
The #SaveBenjy hashtag gained traction and caught people’s attentions around the world, but they were £1,000 short of their £5,000 target. Fortunately for Benjy, Sam Simon, the co-creator of The Simpsons heard of the story and agreed to cover the costs to have him re-homed in an animal sanctuary in England.
At the time he said that PETA (People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals) had contacted him and explained Benjy’s story and he ‘felt compelled to help’. Simon was terminally ill with cancer at the time and subsequently passed away in March 2015.
Benjy’s 15 minutes of fame soon ended and he disappeared from the headlines but now five years later, his story has been made into a radio documentary. The documentary entitled ‘Benjy The Little Gay Bull’ is a RTÉ Radio Documentary on One production and the documentary team travelled to the UK in search of the bull, and to find out if he’s still alive.
The documentary is co-produced by Nicoline Greer of RTÉ and local documentary maker Joanna McNicholas. The Doc-On-One production Benjy The Little Gay Bull will be broadcast on this Saturday, August 31 at 1pm on RTÉ Radio One and repeated on Sunday, September 1 at 7pm.
The documentary will also be available on the Doc-on-One website and on YouTube.