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HSE moves to fill Lahardane GP position


Senator Michelle Mulherin has welcomed confirmation from the HSE that the vacant GP position in Lahardane has been offered to a successful candidate, following the retirement of Dr Paul Nolan in 2018. Public concern had been expressed in The Mayo News about what was considered an ‘inadequate’ level of GP service in the north Mayo village.
“I contacted the HSE following the public meeting in Lahardane last week at which local people expressed their concerns over the lack of a permanent GP in the village.
“Since Dr Nolan retired, the community has been relying on a locum GP who was not always available and who is now set to leave at the end of this month. The community also lost its practice nurse at that time.
“In response, senior HSE management has confirmed to me that they expect to know shortly if the GP who has been offered the permanent position will take up the job in Lahardane. In the meantime, Lahardane will continue to be serviced by a locum GP.”
Senator Mulherin also said the HSE has clarified the situation as regards provision of GP accommodation/surgery and practice staff, pointing out that the employment of staff such as Practice Nurse and Practice Secretary is the responsibility of the General Practitioner.
“I want to welcome this update from the HSE and I hope we can see firm progress on this issue very soon,” added Senator Mulherin.
Mary Gibbons from Lahardane had told The Mayo News previously that it is estimated that around 1,100 patients rely on the Lahardane practice, with many of them elderly, with no transport to go to Crossmolina, which is the closest alternative practice. She said she understood that between 150 and 200 private patients had left the practice but medical card holders have been told they can only leave in exceptional circumstances.
The community were informed that a locum doctor will take over from when the current GP leaves but there is concern that a permanent replacement will not be found.
“The service at the moment is totally inadequate and we know something has to be done about it. We want a doctor and a nurse and a service which provides continuity of care for the community. We cannot let this lie because if we do we feel we’d lose our doctor for good,” said Ms Gibbons.