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Thu, Aug
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HSE called to act on MacBride home staffing shortages


Edwin McGreal

The HSE urgently need to address staffing issues at a community nursing facility in Westport.
That’s according to local Fianna Fáil Cllr Brendan Mulroy who was speaking after day-care users of the Mac Bride Community Nursing Unit were informed yesterday (Monday) that there will be no day care service this week due to staffing shortages.
The same situation applied last week with users of the three-day-a-week service at the unit told there would be no day-care provision that week.
“The HSE need to step up to the mark here. The staff at the Mac Bride home due a wonderful job but there simply isn’t enough of them. This has happened at various stages this summer whereby users of the day-care service have been told that the service was not available some weeks due to staffing,” Cllr Mulroy told The Mayo News.
“It is a vital service for the community of Westport in that it allows elderly people to be able to live in their homes in the evening and it also provides respite to family carers,” added Cllr Mulroy.
He said his party colleague, Mayo TD Lisa Chambers has raised this issue with the HSE and he will also get Cllr Michael Loftus, who sits on the HSE Forum, to raise it there.
The Mac Bride home in Westport provides a residential and day-care service. The staffing issues only apply to the day-care service, said Cllr Mulroy.
He also said the HSE need to examine opening the day-care service on a five days a week basis.