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Mon, Aug
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Online results for Leaving Cert students


Áine Ryan

IT is the exam that some of us still have nightmares about and for the 1,727 students (including LCA), from Co Mayo schools, today is the day when all those hours of studying bears fruition. Indeed, it will be the same all over the country as 56,071 teenagers awaken to the realities and vagaries of a points system which will, at the very least, influence the path of their future working lives.
Here in Co Mayo the numbers sitting this exam has remained steady with 846 girls and 786 boys sitting the Leaving Cert earlier this summer, while 29 girls and 66 boys sat the Leaving Cert Applied in schools throughout the county.
Numbers nationally remained pretty static too with 28,373 girls sitting the exam and 27,698 boys, a 2.9 percent increase year-on-year.
However, one pattern is about to change significantly though. The majority of students are expected to use the facility of a new online student support portal, live from 10am today (Tuesday). This means they don’t even need to get out of bed to see their results and, moreover, will only have to wait two days for their CAO offers, which will be online from Thursday at 2pm.
This year sees almost 78,000 applicants for college places, with a number of these deferred or mature students. Nursing is among the most popular applications alongside arts, education, business and administration courses. There is also an upsurge of interest in courses relating to the environment and transport with such courses likely to command an increase in their points entry.